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Valentine's of '21

You are your own last puzzle piece, and at this time, all the longing will stop because you find you.

Flowers do bloom—you bloom.

Flowers do bloom—you bloom.

Aren't we all craving for the hugs? Or the kisses? The limitless touching? Or the grasping for air? The gift buying? The endless assurance? Aren't we all? The longing for someone? The lowkey dates? The puzzle pieces that fit right? And it feels oh-so-complete?

Aren't we all?

In this Valentine's of '21, I felt more sad. It is not the feeling of having no one, but it is the feeling of being in an enclosed room for a year. I would rather choose to see couples dating on parks, or malls, rather than staring at my ceiling all day.

On Valentine's, it is supposed to be streets full of balloons and flowers, people holding hands, benches are occupied, malls are full. I miss the feeling of being in love with the love that is in thr atmosphere during Valentine's. But not this time.

This day, when the town is painted of different colors today, the longing for your world to be colored kaleidoscope remains. The longing never stops, yet you feel contented. The puzzle remains empty, yet pieces keep coming. The assurances are nowhere to be found, yet you hug yourself and tell that it's okay. And when you grasp for air, you tell yourself to breathe. And when you finally learn to do things on your own, and you finally love your own despite the circumstances, the pieces finally fit.

And it's actually you.

You're your last piece.

And then your longing stops.

As soon as you saw those eyes, you knew that you can let someone touch the pieces—the masterpiece—you've built for so long.

And you're ready. To color a whole new world kaleidoscopic.

Maybe, there are a lot more Valentine's Day waiting for me until I see someone's eyes that shines like a constellation in the night.

happy valentine's, people.

© 2021 Zeane Anjela

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