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Vague Misconceptions

I enjoy challenging as well as quite adventurous roles, though I'd love the workplace to be quiet it doesn't really matter to me, I'm lookin


The night back then was quite bright in one of those electric-centered pubs. It’s just us, remembering the environment structures but failing to erect ours. It became so easy for us to look through a foggy road than to see through those vague misconceptions. 3 years of pure affection finally ended today mutually, with those grave bites of intimacy and trauma that went through our veins. Our breakup seemed like a roller coaster, it had a positive side to us, looking up to different places, and more people but the painful enigmatic feelings we left each other which’s still haunting bad. Years back she made me write poems and stuff, encouraged my creativity, and enriched my soul and those chambers with her breath, my core now shreds to and fro for her sight as she made my inner self visible. This opinion gradient between us was supposed to happen, but this soon? Maybe yes, 4 months of confusion led to the great fall.

From the very first second, I met her in that pub, I was sure that we were going to make a great couple, and with this naive thought, I approached her. Man!!! She smiled and that was our first meeting, so cliche but so good. Days passed by and our relationship kept growing together with those minor fights and major love, from those late-night sneak-ins to our midnight swimming sessions. We used to celebrate one’s achievement as ours and the insomniac calls we had made the quantum entanglement of our hearts quite stiff. All that seemed like the Asgard of our dreams. Breakup’s painful indeed but if we look closely, it teaches us so much, it’s just been a day and besides feeling down and sad, I’m satisfied that I could spend some of my time with a beautiful girl with a wonderful heart and that our separation’s gonna be a better start for us, It is painful without any doubt but that pain comes with an inner feeling of joy that we were lucky enough to have experienced those little but sweet moments, like when she greets you for the first time, you’re filled with a deep sense of platonic affection, it sometimes feels so deep into our heart that it feels like either our organs are dead or our heart bled. Breakup’s just an extension, it usually happens for good and for both. I’m sad and I’m crying but that doesn’t compensate for the brilliant memories we shared and many more which are going to accompany us, what matters is our happiness. I personally am happy with whatever our decision was and her happiness’ going to make me feel good either way, we get to know about the mistakes and never repeat them ever.

The point of time where you both fall for each other’s simplicity as a function of beauty connects you both spiritually, with those dynamic chakras aligned in an unbreakable position, that’s what our relationship was and will remain intact spiritually. In the end, breaking up doesn’t feel that good but it definitely is for good, you just turn your back instead of turning toxic so coping with it maturely helps one develop spiritually and beautifully as a person and just keep believing in nature, the better one’s always waiting for you.