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A Fascinating Look at Unfairness of Life


Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Who Knows---Maybe Our Food Loves Us Back After All. -- Val Karas

Who Knows---Maybe Our Food Loves Us Back After All. -- Val Karas

I will never deny that life isn't fair. It seems as though when a woman leaves a man, she is strong and independent; and when a man leaves a woman, he is a pig and a jerk.

-- Criss Jami

God's Will? But Why Does It Feel Unfair?

Believe it or not, but there is enough scientific evidence to support the claim about plants also having something like emotions.

Now, what kind of emotions they are talking about---I don't know. Namely, is it that an apple is admiring your set of teeth or feeling horrified by them---who knows.

Nevertheless, doesn't it leave us with question about why we are "hurting our food"? Why did god, or nature, set up a food chain in such a way that something always has to get hurt in order that something else may live? Where is fairness in all that?

Now, none of us "normal" folks would engage in experimentation with the so called "sun gazing", which allegedly removes our need for food by converting solar energy into biological one. Especially we Canadian eaters wouldn't go for it, as that would be for us a ridiculously long fasting, considering our long, sunless winters.

But, even if we all moved down south in a hypothetical quest for solar breakfasts and dinners, there is still this problem left with water---since those smart scientists are telling us how water also has its sensitivity.

Apparently, you tell your morning glass of water enough times that it looks like ugly sewage water, and you'll "hurt its feelings", which will change its molecular composition, now looking under microscope like something yucky. Theoretically, if you drink that water, it will add those energies to the pool of your energies.

Another related story goes that if cook is in a bad mood, the energy of that mood will be absorbed into liquid parts of the meal, negatively affecting everyone who eats it. I am not asking you to believe it---just telling you there is a story like that. So, just to be on a safe side, don't piss off your wife while she is cooking you a dinner, O.K.?

Nevertheless, if we are supposed to feel sorry for hurting all animals and plants we use for food, and on top of it even worry about the mood of water we drink, how is that fair? O.K., I know it all sounds like a joke, but when you look at it more seriously than I am writing about it---well, the question comes to the same.

Being Smart About Happiness "Means" Happiness as much as Taking a Photo of a Cadillac "Means" Driving One.-- Val Karas

Being Smart About Happiness "Means" Happiness as much as Taking a Photo of a Cadillac "Means" Driving One.-- Val Karas

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe.

-- Albert Einstein

Unequal at Smartness

Now, just for a moment let's forgive ourselves for having to eat in order to see yet another unfair phenomenon thrown at us by our maker. Namely, I am going to say a few about this uneven distribution of intelligence in our species.

Maybe you never thought about it this way, so think now, and you may come up with the same question of this totally unfair thing about such a huge range in human intelligence.

If we buy a puppy and one day we realize it has grown into a pretty stupid dog, that alone can make us think of this unfairness. But then we observe our world and we can't but notice these differences of I.Q. being displayed in anything from "not being at the same page" all the way to a war.

Well, let's face it folks, some of us are smart, some of them are not, (lol)---and then we have all those in between. Actually, it doesn't stop at that, but seemingly some of us have a higher default capacity to enjoy life than others.

You have two siblings living all their childhood under the same roof, eating the same food, sharing the same treatment by parents. And yet, one is displaying more brains than another, or one appears constantly pissed off for no apparent reason at all, whereas another doesn't need any reason for his jolly disposition.

Combinations between that emotional capacity and our I.Q. are few. So, we can see some extremely smart, and in every sense successful individuals who just can't be happy, and all those accumulated millions can't buy it to them.

Take some of those billionaires, for instance. When asked: "When is enough?", one of them seriously said to the interviewer: "It's never enough". Now you got the picture, so you can finally believe your old mom when she said: "Honey, money doesn't buy you happiness."

Of course, there are ways out of that, but how many people really pursue such solutions? Much more likely you will see them resorting to drugs, alcohol, sex---to artificially derive some joy out of life. Talk to some movie stars if you don't believe me.

In another extreme you may see what we sometimes jokingly, or mockingly call a "simpleton"---a person with no ambitions whatsoever and a pretty low I.Q. to go with it---but ridiculously happy and content in their life.

Was it Aldous Huxley, an icon of smartness community who told a story about his having a morning walk down the street of a third world village, when he saw this young woman walking in his direction.

There was something glowing from her with vitality and joy, as she was humming a tune, while carrying on her head a basket with laundry or something. Huxley was literally stunned by that example of pure innocent joy, and as he was later on telling the story in his gentlemen's club, he admitted that just for a moment he would have given all his brains for some of that happiness which he could never attain himself.

We might wonder, how is that fair, that someone who could write books about human nature---including "how to be happier"---just couldn't duplicate a simple person's capacity for happiness.

If Only They Had a Same Story to Tell All of the Kids in the World. -- Val Karas

If Only They Had a Same Story to Tell All of the Kids in the World. -- Val Karas

Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a worm, but he will be making gods by dozens.

-- Montaigne

So Many Gods and Authorities to Pick From

We could see as pretty unfair the confusing guidance of those at the top of intellectual or influential scale. Our paradigm is so clumsily constructed with nothing that would really serve as a unique and reliable system of beliefs worth following. As if all those super-smart icons of intelligence couldn't agree about what is right for humans to pursue, and how.

So we have a whole bunch of gods to pick from, and dozens of diets, and so many ideologies, and so much to disagree about---with so little to see with the same eyes in a seemingly impossible quest of harmony that might catapult us to a next level of consciousness evolution.

There is nothing as discouraging as hearing two equally educated scholars or medical scientists, or theologians, drawing two opposite conclusions from the same evidence.

Or watching two presidential candidates in their debate---and with same domestic and international problematics on their debating plate coming up with completely different interpretations and solutions.

Really, one would assume that smart folks may differ just in some fine details, not in the whole approach, right?. How is that fair to millions of people who expect their leading authorities to find a common ground? Sometimes it just makes you wonder whether they are faking all that smartness.

Equally disturbing is this matter of a "right" god. While every religion is claiming that there is "only one", they keep praying to different ones, like they decided to cheat a little. "I know your Atman is the same as my Allah, but I still like my Allah more."

At times all this religious deal reminds of corporate world where each gigantic establishment is going strategic about how to attract more buyers. Do you scare them enough so they seek forgiveness and salvation under your terms---or you promise them something--- always for a fee, of course.

So, come on, you holy men---if mathematics can be the same under any political, social, or religious arrangement, why can't you all agree about one faith, so we stop seeing our gods going through an identity crisis?

We Are as Strong as We Are in Our Minds -- Val Karas--

We Are as Strong as We Are in Our Minds -- Val Karas--

My doctor told me that jogging could add years to my life. I think he was right, I feel ten years older already.

-- Milton Berle

Cheated into Ignorance

Reading the book "Telomere Effect" by Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, and Elissa Epel, PhD was far from being my first encounter with the scientifically proven truth about our mental model of functioning being pivotal in our biological state of being.

So much so, actually, that it almost brings to neglect that familiar prescription for health---"enough rest - wholesome foods - exercise - enough water". Getting myself loaded with all those new facts from microbiology sometimes makes me wonder if the time may come soon when the whole medical paradigm, with exception of surgery, may just collapse as useless.

I am aware how I am leaving a lot to you here to "believe or not", but for just this once more---believe it or not, most of illnesses get fixed by our bodies alone, without any medical intervention necessary---if we just give our body a total trust.

And I don't want to scare you or anything, but this very moment, while you are trying to figure if you should take any of this seriously or not, your body is probably repairing something that you have brought onto yourself by that last being pissed off at whomever.

Thus, as you can see, I am asserting here that we are the ones making ourselves sick, it's not our body succumbing to this or that environmental culprit. Our mind's strength or a lack of it dictates our immune system how to perform, and that goes all the way down to our DNA health arrangement.

Now, with more and more attention of the science given to promoting production of stem-cells and making telomeres longer, one can't but sadly think how much is there in those labs that makes ignorant idiots out of general public.

What is it that we are not being told about our true nature, our self-healing capacity, our default resilience, while we are pecking on medications, hearing questionable diagnoses, going through useless tests and treatments, and being lied about our fragile health that's making medicine an unavoidable necessity of life?

It saddens me to see how much useful information about essential matters of life never find way to front pages and evening news---to replace all that negative trash we are daily fed.

It wouldn't even have to be some hard to understand stuff, nothing more complicated than our pretty urgent need for more humor in life. We definitely don't laugh enough, don't tell jokes enough. Those natural outbursts of positive energies applied several times each day could produce more health benefits than all those fancy diets, supplements, medications and treatments. Or at least they might prevent the need for any by keeping us well.

You see, people are following those most talked about guidelines coming from the authorities. Sometimes I feel like we are a bunch of intellectual orphans, with those smart asses discovering all those revolutionary things and letting us drift from one to another aspect of ignorance.

Well, here I tried to point at few of those things in life which simply don't seem to be fair, whether because of "god's mysterious ways" or because of those smart ones who influence our mind-styles and life-styles one way or another.

However, being an incorrigible optimist, I can't finish this article without saying how none of those, or any other unfair aspects of life should be seen as an insurmountable obstacle. With a bright outlook and a lively spirit---it's all nothing more than that proverbial "piece of cake".

So, let us make it our lifelong dessert---because we deserve it, despite all that may appear unfair in life.

© 2018 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on October 22, 2019:

Allen, of my carefully picked and small "League of Extraordinary Friends" -- I have been missing you, and damn it, I hate that it just sounds like something from those greeting cards, because it couldn't be more of a genuine blame for your hiding and making me wonder...

O.K., now I get it, those poems scared you away from me, and it serves me right for losing friends of your particular taste and literary preferences.

I swear, it was several times...no, truth be told, only about twice, that I was rechecking your HP Bio to really make sure that there was not that "Contact the Author" option, so that I could send you an email and ask what the heck was happening.

Hey, you didn't have to say anything nice at the bottom of my poems, a friendly "Screw you!" would do -- as long as I would know that you are still around and well.

Now that I see that you are your "old" self (no pun intended), I just have to keep deserving your attention with the stuff I write. Just kidding, we are friends, and you'll forgive easily if I write some crap -- as long as it doesn't come in form of a poem, right?

So, be well, amigo, and thanks for your new version of complimenting my modest attempts to "say it as it is" in this world of lies and pretense.

Allen Edwards from Iowa on October 22, 2019:

Val my Friend..of "The League of Extraordinary "!

I was drawn back to you, and your words of wisdow this morning -- after several months of other, internet neuron degenerating forays into the forests of "life and it's totallity of.. what makes those damn trees so damn strong, if, in fact, they are truly 90% air?"

You and "billybuc" remain my "go 2 Yodas" when I need a jump start!

I am glad to see you have returned to a more easily absorbed(for my mental makeup) mode of passing on your words of wisdom. Poem meter was something I failed to digest..but if, perhaps, I were to be exposed to it for 3 weeks, while sitting on the edge of that cave carved into the side of that mountain placed so strategically that I was able to absorb --only-- the power of the majestic "Blue Pacific"..well, what the hell, even a cowboy needs to change horses sometime.

Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on May 01, 2018:

True, I rarely compiment anyone. I am such a sour puss. But you write well and on a plane that most people can understand. (Even me).

I have been retreating from this world a lot lately. Even though I don't write, I think of you often. You are a true friend.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on May 01, 2018:

Lela---Thank you, my much missed friend. I am truly flattered by your words, even more so because I know that you are not so quick to give compliments merely to appear polite. ---Be well, and my best to you and Bob.

Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on May 01, 2018:

Hi Val! One of the best articles I have read here on HubPages! I've always wondered how vegetarians could justify eating all those poor dead vegetables.

Life is just a tool. Use it or lose it.

Clive Williams from Jamaica on May 01, 2018:

Yeah..never at em. I know a girl that loves to eat em.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on May 01, 2018:

Clive---Stay away from carrots too.

Clive Williams from Jamaica on May 01, 2018:

Cool. The last time I ate a lettuce it tried to choke me. From that day on only chicken and fish for me.

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