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It's an Unfair Life: A Satire

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


I know the world is unfair, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favor?

-- Bill Watterson

God's Will? But Then, Why Does It Feel So Unfair?

Believe it or not, but there is enough evidence to support the scientific claim about plants also having emotions.

Someone even took the trouble to prove it to themselves by attaching a lie detector to the house plant, and then approaching slowly to the leaves with lit up cigarette lighter. The machine immediately displayed a strong emotional reaction.

Now, what kind of emotions plants may have -- I don't know, and I don't think anybody else does. Namely, is it that an apple is admiring your set of teeth, or feeling horrified by them -- who knows.

Nevertheless, doesn't it leave us with question like "why are we hurting our food"?

Indeed, why did God, or Nature, set up the food chain in such a way that something always has to get hurt so that something else can live? Where is fairness in that?

Now, none of us so called "normal" folks would engage in experimentation with something like "sun gazing" in order to avoid hurting our food. Allegedly, those who do it -- and some have died as the result, you guessed, from malnutrition -- gaze at the morning sun in order to "charge their vitality batteries with prana energy" -- which is supposed to replace the need for food.

Beside its obvious serious risks, here in Canada we would have to agree with a pretty long fasting, with our winters not giving much sun.

Well, with all those benefits of exposure to sun, we certainly can't put it on our menu.

Sometimes life is unfair and you have to suck it up and move on and not use it as an excuse.

-- Robert Kraft


C'mon! Even Water Has Feelings?

Now, the story goes even more depressing than having to move to Florida, or Hawaii if we want to have a steady solar breakfast and dinner out of sheer mercy for our food -- because guess what -- apparently water also has its "sensitivities".

A Japanese scientist discovered that, if you talk to a glass of water and call it "bad, and ugly like a sewer" -- it will change its molecular configuration and look under microscope a kind of messy, compared to a beautiful design full of symmetrical forms, if talked to nicely.

Theory goes that if you then drink that ridiculed water, its energy will negatively affect your own energy.

How is that fair that anything we put in our mouth is so emotional -- let's even try to forget about the pain we cause to animals in process of making them our food. Albeit, vegetarians are doing just about the same to the plants. Hey, anyone for sun-gazing?


Somewhat related story is telling us that -- if cook is in a bad mood, the energy of that mood will be absorbed into the liquid parts of the meal, negatively affecting those who will eat it.

I am not asking you to believe it -- just telling you that there is a story like that. So, just to be on the safe side, don't make your wife pissed while she is preparing your dinner, if you don't want to end up with an indigestion.

Nevertheless, if we are supposed to empathize with animals and plants that we are using for our food, and on top of that worry about the "mood" of water we drink, how is that fair?

O.K., I know, it all sounds like a joke, but someone with that victimhood syndrome is certainly taking all this very seriously, as they keep the track of everything that's working against them.

In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity.

-- Konrad Adenauer

Is the nature mocking us? Or is it that Heavens have a dark sense of humor?

Unequalness at Smartness

One of the modern times preoccupations and fuss is about the question of "equality" -- but then we may get hit hard with this unfairness of unequal distribution of intelligence in our species.

Maybe you never thought about it that way, so think now -- why some dude with nothing to look at but his messy hair and a bushy moustache like Albert Einstein gets to be a genius, and you, a beautiful human specimen don't have a damn clue what the theory of relativity really means.

If we buy a puppy, only to realize one day it grew into a pretty stupid dog, that alone may make us wonder about this uneven intelligence -- let alone the impression we get after observing this world displaying such differences in I.Q, in anything from "not being on the same page" all the way to wars.

Well, let's face it, folks -- some of US are smart, and some of THEM are stupid, with all shades in between.

As if that wouldn't be enough to raise the question of unfairness, people also seem to have a different default capacity to enjoy life than others.

There you have two siblings raised under exactly the same conditions, and you may see one of them finding his reasons to be pissed most of the time, whereas the other is constantly in his rosy disposition, ready to laugh.

Take some of those billionaires, for instance. When asked in an interview "When is enough", one of them seriously replied: "It's never enough."

Now that you got the picture, you may finally start believing your mother when back then she told you: "Honey, riches can't buy you happiness."

Of course, people being creative as they are, found a quick solution for that natural lack of "talent" for being happy -- with booze, drugs, well, even sniffing glue will do it for some. Yet others indulge in sex, in compulsive shopping, anything will do.

I don't know why they even came up with expression like "emotional intelligence" because you don't really have to be smart to feel "high".


In choosing your god, you choose your way of looking at the universe. There are plenty of Gods. Choose yours.

-- Joseph Campbell

So Confusing -- This Choice to Pick a Right God

We could see as a pretty unfair and confusing the guidance coming from those at top of the intellectual scale in the world. Our paradigm is so clumsily constructed with hardly anything that would really serve us as a unique and reliable system of beliefs worth following.

As if all those super-smart icons of intelligence couldn't agree about what is right for humans to pursue, and how.

So we have a whole bunch of gods to pick from, and dozens of "the only right" diets, and conflicting political ideologies, and so much to disagree about -- with so little to see with the same eyes in a seemingly impossible quest of harmony that might catapult us to the next level of consciousness evolution.

There is nothing as discouraging as hearing two equally educated scholars or medical scientists, or theologians -- drawing two opposite conclusions from a same evidence.

Just look at two presidential candidates in their debate -- while with the same domestic and foreign problematics on their debating plate, they are coming up with some completely different conclusions and solutions.

Really, one would assume that smart people may differ just in some fine details, not in their whole approach.

Really, how is that fair to all the millions of people who expect their leading authorities to find a common ground. Even that setup in government of having an opposition party somewhat reminds of a couple of constantly bickering parents expecting from poor kids to take side.

An equally confusing is this matter of a "right" God. While every religion is claiming that there is "only one" God, they keep praying to different ones, as if they decided to cheat a little. "I know, your Elohim, or Brahma are the same as my Allah, but I still like my Allah more."

At times all this religious deal reminds of corporate world where each giant establishment is going quite strategic about how to attract more buyers -- is it by scaring them with what happens if they don't buy their product, or by promising them something.

So, come on, you holy men - if mathematics can be the same under any political and religious arrangement, why can't you all agree about one faith, so we stop seeing God as going through an identity crisis.

Well, funny as it all may sound, if we chose to see it with the eyes of a person who goes through life constantly asking "Why me? Why is life so unfair" -- we could start seeing the serious side of it.

Assuming you are not one of them, I hope you found something entertaining in the whole thing being presented. And if you happen to be one of them -- sorry for reminding you about "how unfair life can be,"

An inspirational video about unfairness in life

© 2022 Val Karas

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