Grace, Coffee, And Empty Cups

Updated on January 7, 2020
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Mama to two beautiful children. My living son Grayson, and my daughter in heaven, Mila. I hope to share our story in a way that helps others

Calling All Mamas

Let me just start by saying, I seriously love being a mom. Both of my children have been such blessings, and have changed me in ways I never saw coming. I have been on quite the journey in motherhood, and I have been feeling it hit hard lately. Yes, as mothers we pick up the slack and the groceries, We sit up late wether it be with sick babies or to clean up toys without little hands pulling them right back out as we go. We give when our cup is empty, we chug some coffee and take on the day like it's nothing. We love our babies fiercely, and protect them at all costs.

Give Yourself A Little Grace

All of that giving can take its toll on us. Thats when we start typing "self-care" into the Pinterest bar in hopes of a quick fix. I know I speak for a lot of moms when I say, practicing self-care can be a little difficult to achieve when you can't even wipe your own ass without an audience, right? Oh, and if that's not your hang up, how about the "mom guilt"? As mothers we can get it in our heads that anything we do for us, takes time/money/attention away from our children. It's a delicate balance, and I for one am pretty thankful that with age I have learned to give myself a little grace. Would you criticize another mama for showering and fixing her hair in the mornings, the way you do yourself? would you judge her for loading up the kids for a coffee run instead of watching that 26th episode of Paw Patrol ? No. We are our own worst critics y'all.

I have set little goals for myself this year, as a mother. One of them is to wash my face every morning and every night. It may sound a little silly or small, but in the past I've been really terrible about blowing it off and getting the baby to sleep first. You know how that goes. Any ways, I encourage you to set yourself a little goal and stick with it this year. No matter how small, you don't have to tell anyone what it is, just set a few minutes out of everyday and do it for you.

We Are All Hot Messes Sometimes, And That's Okay.

This actually wasn't what I had planned to write about today, but it was heavy on my heart and I know that someone needs to hear it. The authenticity of motherhood comes from the love we have for our children, us moms have so much in common and so many shared experiences. So many of us, just need to hear that we aren't the only ones who feel like they are messing it all up. Like we aren't the only moms that go on a drive when we are overwhelmed, because the kids are at least strapped down long enough to gather ourselves..or best case scenario they will actually nap. As a stay at home mom, I am in the trenches all day everyday. I wouldn't change it for the world, but if we don't admit how hard it can be then we are lying to ourselves and just making other struggling moms feel more isolated in their journey. Sometimes we just need to vent and let ourselves feel the frustration and the exhaustion for a minute, to get back to doting over the little people we created. The truth is, we love these tiny humans more than life and when we lose our shit, we feel the guilt on top of everything else.

You may already know my story, if you know me personally or if you have read any of my previous blogs on this domain. If not, then let me just tell you that from experience, the time we have with our children is not promised. Life takes such unexpected turns and we have to do what we are able to make all of the days we have together count. Motherhood can be a struggle at times, but the highs are so high ladies. Our kiddos think we hung the moon, if only for a little while. In their eyes, their world begins and ends with mama. Take it easy on yourself, apologize when you over react (because no one is perfect), and enjoy this season of life.

© 2020 Tayler A Rich


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    • taylerangele94 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tayler A Rich 

      6 months ago from Nashville, TN

      Thank you so much LaDonna :)

    • profile image

      LaDonna McClure 

      6 months ago

      Happy looks good on you!! I’m so glad you found it again!

    • profile image

      Cindy S 

      6 months ago

      I want you to know you are awesome! Seriously. Grief could have taken you in so many different directions. You have managed to deal with it in a way that allows you to live a productive life. I know some days it may not seem like it but you are doing a good job. Being a stay at home mom is a job that last 24 hrs a day, every single day. A lot of wonderful moms simply are better moms by working a public job, sadly many have no choice but whatever you do just being a mom is the hardest yet best job you’ll ever have. I believe Mila looks down at you with a big ole smile and says yep, that’s my mom! Keeping pushing forward girl, you got this!

    • taylerangele94 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tayler A Rich 

      6 months ago from Nashville, TN

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback :)

    • profile image

      Diane Lowe 

      6 months ago

      Taylor I love your posts. They are real and very uplifting for the moms. Kudos to you. Keep writing it helps a lot of moms.

    • profile image

      Brenda Rudd 

      6 months ago

      Good job tayler rich I am from Webster County


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