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Turning Big Dreams Into Reality

Only the selected class of people are dreamers, and they are from an exclusive crowd. They carry a unique envisioning ways.

There are ways to turn big dreams into reality

Wild and big thoughts are the reasons.

Wild and big thoughts are the reasons.

Turning big dreams into reality

I have always been a big dreamer and involved in acting upon it. Though, many times I failed, I continued to dream big and act. As long as I recollect, I always had such wild visions and fantasies of thinking, planning and acting to achieve great things in life. But, as anyone can observe, there are many people, who think and work in that aspect. We can find several dreamers, like me. The people in our society entirely dismissed our work, ways of operations and performance, while some of us were considered as making pure noise. However, there are tremendous benefits to dreaming big and dreaming often.

If you happen to be a big dreamer like me, then we must be from the identical, kindred spirits. A vision of a healthier and superior life is the main motive to hold tight our big dream world, and they include success in plenty, everywhere, in abundance. While, we know, getting to that stage is enormously difficult, when we are prepared to deal with and face the consequences and trade with failures and setbacks along the way, it is definitely well worth it. Any person, who has achieved a significant goal knows precisely how true this statement is.

Yet, the basic good part of our nature and thinking big is that, even though many of us might prefer to dream big, all our dreams are different. We never hold tight to these dreams, with an understanding, that we are prepared to do anything in our capacity to turn our dreams into a reality. Even though I always needed a really strong support, I tried to do work on my project all alone. This is because, doing all things alone was a giant step for me.

The truth concerning this dreaming idea is that, most of us give up the ideas and planning of dreams well before time. We give up and refrain from continuing, rather than persisting through the pain and torment of another failure. When the going gets tough, we end up letting go and decide to fight back on anyway. In other words, we throw in the proverbial towel. However, the very tendency of remaining as a starry-eyed dreamer does not relate to giving up. Actually, dreaming always and dreaming big imparts us with a fundamental platform for the successful growth.

Everything initiates with the dream

Yes, for sure, there are ample benefits to staying and living a normal custom of life. The complacency factor and compliance accomplished with a subdued force and spirit, there’s definitely more courage and tenacity to be a big dreamer. Carrying wild visions of our life that we are destined to live, even though we are not living with them today, we are sure to achieve our goal one day, if not in this very moment.

And, in case our dreams don’t frighten us or scare us, it indicates that they are not big enough to be considered.

The basic thing holding us back from achieving the goal of acquiring the big dream, is ourselves. At every stage, we are our own, most terrible enemies in several instances, to say so, we do not wholeheartedly believe in ourselves.

Dreaming Big

Children have the tendency to dream big, because, it is their genetic character, their inherent fiber, their entire make-up, and they speak what they imagine and dream. This is observed, when we allow, and they will. They can never think less or small, because they are not restricted or hindered by any specific limitation that hold them back. When asked a child what he needs for the birthday, he may specify that, he wants two cars and two swimming pools! One set will remain in the backyard, and another in the front of the house.

Who is to affirm or dismiss that their dreams are silly and unrealistic? While it is very easy to dismiss their dreams as impracticable, it doesn’t mean that it is silly or impossible, just because something goes opposed to the grain, or goes in the reverse direction of our societal norms.

Absolutely nothing wrong if some sort of childlike amusement, when they move in the wonderland of dreams, fills our life with joy and pleasure.

Our thoughts are the primary instigators, what we think, we become.

There are dreamers who live in the world of fantasy, and escape to a world of illusion, like escapist. But, our biggest dreams are way different. We are not impractical or unrealistic. We have practical considerations, characterized by foresight and vision. You may call it a visionary dreamer with hopes for a bright future, while working with those skills and active hands, clear and sagacious leading heads. Without them, our all the affairs of life will be diverted towards utter confusion by creative thinkers, by their imaginative views and theories of uncontrollable and unmanageable fantasies. Though we may get into several highly speculative views, ideas and designs, when it comes to initiation and evaluation, the ideas completely change to make a firm ground for further implementation. We are not dreamers to take our journey to escape and break out into the fantasy world, but our imaginative views are reasonable to bring them into reality.

Since my school days, I had a big dream of owning a grand house or apartment in the prime location of the city. It did not materialize for several decades. We visited plenty of real estate properties and many open houses, which provided a ready vital tool to envisage, until finally, the big dream turned visible to show up a spectacular apartment, large enough for our entire family of six people.

Only the selected class of people are dreamers, and they are from an exclusive crowd. They carry a unique envisioning ways, which are deep and intense, until their dreams are fulfilled. Their dream projects are powerful enough to hold certain crucial powers to provide authority to view things intensely enough, right in front of your eyes. And that is why, big thoughts and ideas what we think, we convert them into reality.

Undoubtedly, the big and experienced dreamer’s thoughts and views are very sturdy and powerful. Though, the results they acquire are wild and vicious to imagine, only the dreamer can plainly visualize the concept, until they realize and achieve the results. So to say, the dreams of a dreamer precede the authenticity and certainty, always.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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