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Truth, A Double-Edged Sword

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If you lie, your nose grows. Or so our parents told us when we were young and naive enough to believe them without question.

Not that it is their fault; parents tell that particular white lie (yes, note the irony) to protect their children. As we grow, of course, we learn that absolute truth doesn't always work in the favour of good, though providence dictates that we should always strive to tell it.

So, is it always favourable to be truthful? All of us know that honesty is a double-edged blade. Which side should we use?

Truth, Integrity, and Moral Character are Good Bedfellows

This sounds obvious, of course. The ability to tell it as it always speaks well of a person's character. It gives glimpses of a person's moral fibre and the health of his or her mind. In short, the truth enables trust.

The truth draws the right people to us and wins us worthwhile friendships. We attract to ourselves what we should when we practice honesty.

The Truth Really Does Set You Free.

Secrets are a painful thorn in the side. For reasons that only their keepers know, many are not kept. Many of them will attest that sharing the truth releases them of their burdens and removes the pain. No matter the outcome, they will share that it is a relief not to have subterfuge of any kind burden them.

The Truth Always Has A Purpose.

The truth always serves a purpose. Perhaps it's meant to lead someone on a journey to self-discovery. It may teach us things we never realize that we had to learn. It may offer us fresh insight into the challenges we face. The truth may help us to understand and empathize with family and friends. Providence always intends the truth to be for the greater good.

Telling the truth is always necessary, but not painless. Like medicine, it is, at times, a bitter pill to swallow. And that leads us to wonder if telling it is such a great idea.


The Truth Hurts

Honesty stings. Facing ourselves squarely always takes us out of our comfort zones. It pushes us into actions that we aren't necessarily comfortable with, but are for the greater good.

Facing the truth about our need for weight loss may prompt us to eat healthier meals. Being honest about the status of our relationships may drive us to find ways to better relate to others.


The Truth Builds Trust

Of course, honesty makes one trustworthy -all of us know that truth and trust go hand-in-hand, though a little reminder once in a while is always useful. the truth always scores a few brownie points with another person and makes you credible in their eyes.

But the truth is a sharp, sometimes jagged, double-edged sword. It does come with a fair amount of pain. The consequences can be bitter medicine, especially when you're is caught in a bind through no fault of your own.


The Truth Causes a Loss of Friendships

While it's always right, to tell the truth, it does come with a need for sacrifice. It can compromise relationships, for the lack of moral courage or inappropriate values. Facing the truth and its consequences can be a tall order.

That said, someone who relinquishes your friendship for that reason may be doing you a favour.


The Truth and Misunderstandings

People interpret communications subjectively as they almost always attach feelings to the process. What one says honestly is given a different complexion depending on how the listener hears it. Thus, the truth and misunderstandings go hand-in-hand. We should not be surprised when the message "she is sad," becomes distorted and turns into "she is mad."

The result? Strings of misunderstands which could have been avoided.

The truth is a double-edged sword- it sometimes works against us, but the result of telling it is always for the greater good. So tell it, and have peace of mind.

A sword

Jagged, cutting

Slices at the very core

of being; but is a precise

Smart tool

With blade so painful to the touch

Abrasive and cutting


That heal.

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