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True Inspiration and the Coming Age of Aquarius

A Brief Introduction to the Aquarius Personality

A Brief Introduction to the Aquarius Personality

Deep Thought

True Inspiration and the Coming Age of Aquarius

I don’t trust people that are pretentious because that would mean that you are being dishonest with me. You are also being dishonest with yourself. People that are pretentious are in such a hurry to impress the world, that they use unnecessary dopamine just to make it to the red light. I respect a person that tells me the truth, and doesn’t give a care what I think and know that they believe in themselves is what matters. Hither though, if I call one of my friends up and ask them how they are doing today. I want them to be honest if they are sleeping in the whole day, or if they are feeling down, and not say to me, “oh I’m busy, I am doing this and that”. In reply, I say “Awh okay, nice to see your day going well my friend.” I am not the thought police and I do not have a measuring stick. True inspiration does not come in when you are driving fast to make it to the red light. True inspiration comes in when you are honest with yourself. True inspiration comes in when you admit that you are tired. When you take the time out to come to yourself, catch up with yourself, and meet up with your senses. When you delve deep within yourself and relax. When your friend telephones you, and you can say without shame that you are resting the whole day. The brain begins reeling and comes up with ideas such as, which path you can take, what strategies to use, how you should do this or that, problem-solving, pointing out mistakes, and correcting them. When you let go of the guilt of resting when you need to rest, your brain is able to dip into theta brain waves state and allow ideas to come to the surface so that you can see them. You can not achieve this state staying on the higher beta level state of life too long and being pretentious leading into short sightedness. Drinking coffee all the time to get in the notion, but your mind still feeling stiff and creating half baked ideas that you have not really put much thought into. Being that jerk that wears a bad attitude, privilege, and passive-aggressiveness to make himself/herself look smart compensating for the fact that he/she does not take the time to think deeply or think critically because it is more respect in upholding pride than to admit that you think deeply, dream, or go within yourself and dive deep for inspiration. Inspiration is like light rain on a sunny day, running through a forest and feeling like your flying, horseback riding through the green plains. You have to be willing to fall within yourself and not be afraid because you will most definitely catch yourself.

The coming Age of Aquarius has much to do with cleaning out your closet and letting go of fear. The very things that are going on in this world have something to do with people holding on to an old-world, old paradigms in order to cling on to that old world. You see old-world thinking coming out of the woodwork, the same old minds that you see in the 1950s. They want to keep the old world and not expand consciousness. The wickedness in the heart of man is what creates darkness in the world. Wicked people that cannot stand their guilt project it on to others using them as a scapegoat to wash themselves clean of any wrongdoing doing thinking that their privilege gives them the right to do it. Be always appalled by this wickedness, the right to be appalled belongs to you and not to them. Again be appalled by their evil doings because if you do not, in the eyes of justice you seem complacent. Complacent as if to say,” oh well that’s how the world is.”

I observe people and I watch their mannerisms but I only get a profile on them when I see consistent patterns. I have a lot of respect for authentic people. I respect the person whose house that I come to and they say, excuse my dirty dishes. They are more relaxed in themselves. However, I do not respect people that sweep dirt under the rug, those kinds of people have a lot to hide and have all sorts of skeletons in their closets. Not many people are real these days, authenticity, inspiration, loyalty, virtues, integrity, dignity has all gone to hell in some people. Reality TV has taken the place of ethical thinking, people get more respect for trying to one-up someone. In a world where there is no loyalty, people frowning down on integrity but are more respected for being fake, or platonic love and human companionship begins to fade away who can one trust. I have also noticed a trend in thought processes from some not all of the people born around 1995, if they have not gotten a sense of the natural world that has passed, they find consciousness in words and not in themselves. They feed their ego with empty words to make themselves feel alive. They know not how to gain great thinking ability from the source of their inner being, or feel intuition to know common sense. They are a different breed of automatons following a sequence of their environment or environment they have become a product of and they fall for anything. My point here is when the world kills inspiration, pride and privilege take the place of virtue, and there is no knowledge of a moral compass to draw from, then when children are born they get confused and think, therefore,” this is the world as I see it, I must learn from it and fit the program.”

When inspiration becomes crushed the artist will have no position in society. The artist, the poet, the writer, the singer, struggles to survive. This is because the corruption of the world has trickled down into the depths of society. John F. Kennedy said when power corrupts, poetry cleanses. When you find yourself having mental blocks, and writer’s block it is because you are traumatized and numb from the stress of the world. You watch the news and see perilous times, you see people in real life around you suffering from sickness worry, or threats of homelessness. You become overwhelmed over the next move that you are going to make while being weighed down by the anxieties of your environment and the world. When you are having anxieties, mental, or writer’s block, you have to fill the void of your numbness. Fill the void of your numbness so that the world anxieties do not fill you. Do this by writing down how you feel so that you can break through the wall that the corruption of the world is trying to put there. Express yourself in every way possible, to reason with your soul. Because only then you will begin to come to.

If we want to overcome these perilous times. We have to speak and think in a transcendentalist way. Speak art, poetry, sing, and transcend the madness. Become Shakespearean, Platonian, Socratesian, or purely transiently in your own way. When you express your soul and pour out your heart you become the change in the world. The world is chaotic right now and looks as time has turned its hand back to the 1950s. This represents dark forces trying to hold on to the old, and the people that represent that old world to rule. However, it is the passionate human soul that needs to express itself so deeply to herald in the age of Aquarius.


Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on September 04, 2020:

Wonderful article about inspiration. Gratitude.

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