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Tribute to My Beloved Father

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Dad's Love (The child needs the mother but he needs the father as much)

I​t's been a decade now since I last saw you, my heart still cries even today, A few year ago July 20, 2011 you left this life. Now a very long time a year ago, July that day will never be forgotten just as you will never be forgotten. You are in my heart, my mind, my thoughts and ya even in my prayers. I miss u so much daddy. My heart still breaks each day... oh how I miss you so much daddy, I know you have been with me threw out every time you've been with all of us. You've sat beside me more than once, yes we've talked lol, even argued a little but I felt your hand on my shoulder when things got tough to deal with. I heard your words of encouragement, even heard your scolding lol.

Yes dad, I do luv you as we all do, I miss you terribly but we know in our hearts you are finally pain free & happy. We have only memories of all the good times we had together but your spirit will live on in our hearts. you ​​brought so much joy to this family more then you'll ever know. You would be so very proud of you are great grand children two and two of whom you did not get to hold but you saw them being born.. I know that in my heart.. I know you are watching over us as you always did. your family will never let your spirit die, you guide us day in and day out, for that I thank you once again for the strength you have given all of us to face life as it comes. we will meet again one day, some of us sooner then others but once we're together, again it will be a celebration of love.

You are in my heart and you always will be, for life, is just ain't the same without you. God only knows and I know, you know how much this family needs you even today as another year passes. You would not be so happy if u knew how much we do need you, what each of us are facing without your strength, yet some how I know you know exactly what is going on, just pray for us all still here on earth I love you daddy as I grow older and my health isn't good, I remember the day you want home to god, it still hurts after a year, people say it gets easier as time goes by but not for me. I am just so thankful I was lucky enough to have you for all those wonderful years we shared so much together. you left so fast, that I will never forget I do still remember the last day we saw each other you’re my guardian angel, daddy I miss you very much, god bless you dad, rest in peace till we meet again in heaven it will be such a rejoicing day, daddy, I know how much you loved being with family especially during the holidays god bless u daddy, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you, my heart just breaks I'll always be your dear Beti (daughter) I miss you terribly you are never out of my heart. you were the most important part in my entire life, there is no one like you. Bless me to spend rest of my life without you.

missing you sooo much

with love

your dear daughter

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