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To A Missing Friend Who Fired My Inspiration


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There are people who come into our lives and make indelible impressions on them. They are people who have reached out and touched something fundamental and deep in us, who have altered us for the better and when they are gone from our lives, we are impoverished by it. I have recently had one such person become absent from my life and I feel the loss keenly. What I've written here is my small attempt to articulate how I feel about their loss and what they meant to me.

My dear friend,

I had never expected you to come into my life. I had never expected you to have changed my life in such a fundamental way., but you did come into my life and you have changed my life. Having changed it, you've gone and left me feeling the empty space where you were like a wound in my heart that will never totally heal. To say that I'll miss you is a massive understatement. I have lost some part of myself in losing you.

The circumstances of our meeting are unimportant. What is important is that almost right away, I felt a kinship with you. We are very different people, yet it was clear that we were bound by ties that transcended our differences. As the time that we knew each other passed, that bond only grew stronger. I believe that we came to understand one another on a deep level and to share commonalities that we wouldn't necessarily have realized in one another.

You remain an inspiration for me. We are both creative people but our fields of endeavour are quite different. Yours fused the physical with the expressive whereas mine is entirely of the mind. However your deep passion and commitment to your creative pursuit was a powerful inspiration to me. Hearing about the sheer physical sacrifice required for your art only increased my respect for you and in combination with your sense of emotional expression, it moved me to deeper levels of respect.

It isn't just a matter of creative inspiration. It is also a matter of personality. Your bravery in expressing yourself, openly and proudly with no fear for what others might think, moved my heart. Your laughter and sense of humor in the face of sometimes sad circumstances bolstered my own desire to smile through it all.

On top of all that, I was moved by the relationship you have with your chosen companion in life. Seeing the way in which you each treat one another, share joy and pain and encourage one another in the difficult creative/physical path you've taken filled my heart with hope for all of us.

It is for all these reasons and the fact that you shared your time, your life and your thoughts so generously with me that I will miss you more than I can adequately say. The pain of your leaving is still a raw wound on my heart. I know in time the pain will dull, but that time still feels far off.

I wish that I wasn't writing this. I wish that I was telling you all of these things but wishes don't make things real. So instead I'll share this tribute to you and wish you happiness in the journey that you're taking, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Perhaps some day, our paths in life will cross again. If they don't, I will still hold your memory close and allow that memory to continue to inspire me.

Your friend,


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