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Time flies

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

It seems to be yesterday when we cried in front of everyone when we got pinched by a needle but nights were passed sleeping peacefully even with lot of noise around. And now we smile even when our heart is deeply scarred with harsh words of others but nights are passed with our wet eyes staring at something ordinary. Time really changes.

There were days when we roasted our pics saying each other idiots and cringed while watching our random videos. And now watching the same pictures, we laugh again to the extent that we don't even realise what turned our laughter to tears, happiness of seeing our friends' pictures or us turning into strangers with some memories. Time is cruel, pal.


Not long ago, in college, while sitting in the last row, laughing at some mistake of the teacher, trying to hide from him , we didn't know that one day even seeing each other will become a wish. While making fun of each other, we never even had a hint that someday we'll be awkward even talking on phone. Time really goes fast.

A few years back, while listening to Dado's stories and trying to speak Punjabi with her in our Urdu accent and then laughing at it, we didn't think that one day we're gonna miss these stories. While demanding gift from her soon after we got ready on Muslims'festival, none of us saw this coming that there will come Muslims'Festival when the first gift of the day would not be from her. We never thought that there will come a day when we'll come home after getting prize and no one would be in her room to smile while seeing it and despite all the congratulating messages and wishes, we'll miss that hug and a kiss on forehead from her. Indeed time flies , faster than we think


We can't even decide if that time was better when we were too shy to talk even with our class fellows but were loved for no reason or this time when we have courage to interact with everyone but feel alone. Can we blame time? What did it do? It is just passing at its speed. Did the things that turned all the way around are to be blamed on time? Did time tell us to not talk to each other? Did time asked us not to value precious things? Did it forced us to bury our true self? Did it turn our friends into strangers? Did it ask us to be so modern to think that social media friends are better than people around us? Did time tell everyone to be fake or to have multiple faces? No. Not at all. Time didn't do anything. It's us. We are guilty. For every single thing that happened and still going on. Us , the most superior creation of the Almighty. It's not time's fault that we turned the worst. But we'll still say: time changes everything.

Time is not stopping us now from calling our friends, texting our beloved teachers, praying for the loved ones who are not with us, finding the ones with whom we're not in contact anymore. Time is not making hurdles my friend, but we are. Time is just passing by , as it always did and will always do. So do it now! Contact your precious people and let them know that you remember them, you think about them and you love them. Before you hear about them, make sure to hear them. Just do it chum, just do it. Before it's too late. Before we hear someone sharing stories about us , standing near our body, saying : TIME FLIES INDEED...!!!!


© 2020 Osman Ghazi

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