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Time to Catch Up

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It Is Amazing How Fast Life Moves

When we want the time to pass

It feels like it has stopped

When we are having fun

Enjoying our days off

Our Vacation or a good night sleep

You blink and the day is gone

It is easy to turn on the t.v. or watch a movie

Getting lost in the moment

There is only twenty four hours in a day

They say we should get at least eight hours sleep

That leaves us with sixteen hours

Minus eight hours for work

We have eight hours left

Count travel time driving to and from work

Two hours gone

Spending time in the bathroom and shower

Another hour gone

Preparing for meals and eating

That hour fades away

Remember not to sleep late an extra hour

If you go on the computer and check Facebook, the news or You Tube

Say goodbye to one more hour

Two hours left

Make sure you make it count

Do the things you love the most

Avoid the things that take away from you reaching your greatest potential

Make your day fun

Share it with everyone who brings joy into your life

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