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The Ticking Time Bomb!

Hello… I am finding my way back to writing. Please stop by!


Life is strange. As a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up and have a job and be an adult. I spent all that time waiting… just waiting… and for what? I still don’t know. Guess we are all waiting for our Godot! Years keep passing by and the wait continues.

To get through this crisis, like every millennial, I looked for answers on Netflix. Surfing through every possible show and movie, I found a gem… Tick Tick Boom! For those living under a rock, Tick Tick Boom is a beautifully made movie on the life of Jonathan Larson, famous for the Broadway musical ‘Rent’. This movie starts with Larson saying, “Lately I have been hearing this sound… everywhere I go… like… tick tick tick… like a time bomb…” This perfectly sums up life as an adult. My existential crisis was happy that we found something relatable on Netflix in a jungle of shows and movies about ‘perfection’.

Real life is messy!

The friends you love are miles away from you, your back hurts all the time, and you never have to set an alarm because stress wakes you up at 4 am. The world we live in becomes a ticking time bomb, reminding us of all that we couldn’t accomplish… And you lie awake thinking, is this the rest of my life?

Larson worked all his life to get to Broadway and he did… But he couldn’t be there to see that it all worked out as he died a day before his Broadway debut. This gave me perspective… It made me realize that I have been putting my life on hold for that one day when I can relax and enjoy. If you think about it we are all like Sisyphus, happily rolling a boulder up the mountain only to never reach a destination.

But is Sisyphus happy?


Society reminds us every minute of our lives that we are late. Late in finding that perfect job or getting married or being healthier… The metaphorical time bomb keeps on ticking, making us dance to its tune. This has to stop. I say this to all my fellow 90s kids ( also I want to remind myself), to stop for a moment and think…“are you letting yourself be led by fear or by love?” Maybe that can help when nothing else does.

© 2022 Vishakha

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