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Three Weeks with My Son

James is a father of three girls and just had a new son introduced to his growing family.

Jayden's Tough 21 Days

My first son, Jayden, is officially three weeks old today. In my opinion, three weeks isn't an incredible milestone, but Jayden's last 11 days has been a bit interesting. Like many parents, we made the decision to have him circumcised. He had his procedure a bit over a week ago, but I refused to be there. Honestly, even the thought of a circumcision upsets my stomach. The truth is, while he went to the doctor, I went to work, and we thought there was not a need for be to be there. My fiance called me to let me know that our boy took his snipping like a champ. When I returned home from work, I went straight to Jayden's bassinet to change the diaper that I was told he just made a mess in. I was saddened after removing his diaper. He had the ring from the day's procedure on, a bandage on his foot from a recent doctor's visit, and his umbilical cord was still in. It's tough being an infant!


Jayden's Easy 21 Days

Jayden may have had a tiresome three weeks, but I bet we will all love to be able to rest when we please. As I type this, my son is asleep in his swing, his mother is pumping, one of his sisters are in the shower, and his other sister is still doing homework. We all want to lay down and go to sleep right now. Jayden's highlights over the past week and half are his ring from his circumcision coming off a few days ago. Then yesterday, his umbilical cord finally fell off. Other than that, I guess it's fun to stare at him sleep. We look at him peacefully dreaming about...sleeping, I guess. We just whisper to each other as we wait to catch a smile on his new face.


Jayden's Reaching a Month

I can't lie, he may be boring, but watching Jayden grow is exciting. His hair isn't as straight as it was before. His skin isn't as wrinkled, and it's starting to get more smooth. My absolute favorite thing about my little man is that he is keeping his brown eyes open longer. I always try to make sudden movements in front of him, hoping he'll follow my movement. That is like our current game until we can play catch before watching the Buffalo Bills play football. As we approach Jayden's full month of life, my goal is to make him like me. The only time that he is okay with me holding him is when he is about to fall asleep. So, I think I need to work less and spend more time with Jayden. I actually need to spend more time with my family, not just our newest member, but hopefull Jayden and I have a cool, memorable moment to share with the world next week.

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