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Thoughts of a Reserved Private

B.Sc. Agri-Economist Technologist / M.Navy Officer / Scientific Writer

Service at Borders


Thoughts of a Reserved Private

21 January 2014 - 21 October 2014. 9 Months. 274 Affordable days. 5 Units.

During which I had the honor to meet with many military servicemen, Permanent lieutenants, E.M.TH. and Professional Artillery, Reserve Officers and Professional Officers.

With some I simply disparaged, with some I broke up and confront and with some I fully agreed. In any case, however, I did all the orders I received, no matter who my supervisor came from, not because I was the "good kid for all chores", not even because I had given an inviolable oath to the Special Forces Training Center something that makes it even more heavy) for '' Subordinate to my superiors '' and '' To execute me and orders unarguably. '' But because at that time I was the soldier and he or she had a rank higher than me. My job was to execute the order, nothing more, nothing less. I did not have to agree, just to run.

The reason I sometimes disagreed about the back of my mind was not because I was disappointing, not because I considered myself better than the rest and therefore unworthy of my supervisors to order me, but because the combination of social education with university , gave me the courage of opinion and the ability to defend it until the end.

An opinion without drifting from fashions in society, or from extreme perceptions that leave no room for controversy, but an opinion whose sole purpose was the self-development of the small society I lived in, as well as its interaction in a macro- social range, always believing that there is scope for improvement such that by improving a unit, an outpost, a perspective, the whole army can be improved and why not an entire state.

Adam Smith, in 1776, claimed that the pursuit of personal interest in economic transactions promoted the general interest and social prosperity, which was in complete contrast to the view of the era in which he perceived enrichment as an ethical handicap.

But something that most people ignore is that Adam Smith was not an economist but another Professor of Ethics Philosophy. And this perception at a time where we are, is more timely than ever, since we are not dealing with an economic crisis, but with a crisis of institutions and values, an evaluation would better say about the progress made in the period of the post-Conflict period.

One of the institutions to be evaluated is the Greek Armed Forces. The Armed Forces in Modern Greek history are the cause of many debates and controversies. The pages of modern history have written many names, from the Command of Bikakis Manolis and the unequal battle on July 20, 1974 in Cyprus, until the Colonel George Papadopoulos and the overthrow of the government on 21 April 1967. For some heroes, for some others, characters written in black.

And yet no one can deny that all of these people were part of our history. Now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly urgent to crack down the taboos, it is becoming increasingly crucial to capture the truth. They sowed, they poured blood, some would say, they were victims of history, some would say, no matter who has fallen, it has been owned in the past, this does not mean we have to forget but exemplify so that we do not repeat mistakes, and to do things better, and why not even forgive, not because they have to be forgiven, but because we need it so we can join in without anger.

And since the anger disappears within us, there will be a question, '' And now what do we do? '' We are now starting to rebuild. "From the beginning?" "Yes, from the very beginning, building something of our own and not something left by the older characters, building something of our time and not of their own time.

In 2016, both the Reversed Soldiers and the Executives who constitute the permanent force of the Armed Forces are often in conflict with each other. The reasons many. In a relationship, however, it is not always the fault, it is both the fault, and the problem grows when the couple cohabits, to be gigantic when they are simply forced to live.

The structure of society has changed, technology has changed, the educational level has changed, everything has changed and everything has gone forward, but the Armed Forces remain stationary. '' The others are afraid '' will be heard from the mouths of all, and they will show them. We agree that we disagree, and yet, not all of us, because there is no ship without a ruler and without sailors, if one of them is then extinguished, then the other ceases to exist.

Executives often like to talk about their tenure (especially EMTH and Professionals Soldiers) for the time when they were Teen Apps, but there are too many times they forget it, sometimes they do not understand or do not want to understand, the needs of a Reversed Soldiers. Many times they did not blame themselves, so they taught them, so they learned, through obsolete training programs. Many times, the hierarchy has been touched upon, and usually the "Apostle" is paying for it when it is violated. How, however, does the soldier observe the hierarchy when the Strain itself does not respect it? There were only a few times when I had to execute an order I received from an Officer and on the way I was calling for a non-commissioned officer to execute another order. When I told the Officer that I was ordered for another duty by an Officer, I often received a reply from '' Come on, write it to him, do what I tell you. And after reporting to the Officer, where he called me in an apology, I would get an answer, "What do I do? To punish him? He has a family, and he has his own subjects."

Some politician once mentioned military, heroes but not a financial job. This is a truth, as the Armed Forces are producing services. Thus, the salary of a staff member is to some extent a product of recycling, as it is paid by its contributions to the state and as one of the contributions of a private sector employee. How do you think he feels a Resident Scholar when he sees the image of a Staff member, is overweight and has no mood to train and train, knowing of course that part of his salary is covered by the Reserve himself, resulting in many times the Reserved Soldiers will break out in any way.

The issue of behavior has often been debated. At one time, stories of torture were heard in Army, from Executives to Artillery, but unfortunately, we went through another period where the victim and the victim changed roles. There were not only a few times when Executives, I was making complaints during our conversation, about the ugly behavior of the Soldiers. I remember a day when I went to the Office of the Master Sergeant of Company for some signatures, and I saw a Relief Officer coming out of the office in a ragged state, I approached the office door with a lot of fuss to face the Sergeant who was performing tasks within a few seconds to cry. Would anyone say that such behavior is unacceptable if he could not become military, lead a part of the Army into a battle if he cannot withstand the voices of an existing one?

Still, this Sergeant showed character, could easily punish him or indifferent completely, but he went into the process of listening to him and showing another human side because the Executives are human. Many times, they are consumed in the wrong way, when there are soldiers with Tablet-operated weapons, Sergeant cannot hunt the Soldier to see if his cell phone has a camera.

There are many things one can say about the subject, education, education, clothing, equipment, exercises and much more, all of which can only be improved in one way, if we first improve ourselves, if we look first at our own and how we will become better, as we are parts of this world, then this world will become better.

Reserve Private (Special Forces - Ranger - Infantry) Papandreou Andreas

At Duty!


Army Quote!!!

''An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot'' - Thomas Paine

In Special Forces Center


© 2018 Andreas Papandreou

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