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Thou Shalt Not Steal

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John 10:10 - The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundant

The 6 and 8th Commandments

The 6 and 8th Commandments

Who is the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy?

Looking for a being other than the trait (theft/murder) itself is seen in part. Theft and murder are enemies, that only the law can address correctly, or it will be the people who will bear the burden and reproach for the action before understanding the thought concerning theft and murder.

This is quite an oppressive idea. A thief is illegal in the universe, world, and earth. How did theft join in with murder and become two bandits? The declaration is that the thief comes not only to steal but to kill and thereby destroy. Who authorized theft? The law didn't and doesn't yet people steal, and kill why? Their needs are not met, and they believe someone else owes the stolen object to them, it is just that who owes them is a debacle only they can figure out. The only helper is the law, it has given instructions that can either be accepted or rejected, and that decision resides within each and every individual.

The law articulates to me that if I accuse, rebuke, warn, and admonish myself by the law, I will not be accused, and when accused who can and will prove me but the law rightfully and righteously? Granting mercy and grace to correct and change my course accordingly. Fear is another foe, fearing the law instead of keeping up with its precepts and principles. Perfect love and law cast out all fear of failing to keep up with the law. I have a new repentant love for the law. It has been carried by myriads of beings. Loving it and hating it at the same time. The fear of what people will think and do, not what the law is doing at all times is a major concern.

Theft is an accusation used before it amasses stolen things. It is premeditative and comes without the ability to reason soundly. True inequality is not with people really but with the accumulation of things without equity or explanation. The biggest thief I have ever noticed is greed operatively, need is something no one will escape, moreover, greed must be resisted, or it can vex the righteous soul.

Needs demand attention 24/7. Greed takes attention away from the needy, then translates need as poverty or being poor. Need will never make one poor. Greed makes one poor wanting excess without boundaries. Unrepentance is greedy, it forbids the practice of the law, and the law is blamed instead of the unrepentance which cancels the desire to repent in order to come into agreement with thou shalt not steal or kill. The law can only produce one option when the precepts and principles are not kept, "repent". Get back on the law-filled straight and narrow trail and kept mobility, morally, and live civilly.

The law deals with stealing the same way it deals with killing, it admonishes not to do these things or self-destruction is set in motion and becomes inevitable when the law is ignored. The truth is I would be offending myself to engage in these practices more than anyone else. I wouldn’t even be offending God, because God doesn’t offend Himself, I have the capacity to offend myself by not adhering to the principles and precepts found in the law.

The thief that comes to steal is sin, and unrepentance, the dynamic duo, capers of all ill-will. It is no different if one is rich or one is poor. Those who are declared to be poor just have more experience with provisions and needs that have not and were not met.

The challenge is making sure the thief is not and that I do not conform to being a thief. Non-conformity should be the stance grace ensures. Don’t agree with any con game. Conning the form of all that has been provided in real life and time is something I am capable of, which is offensive. Even when I am aware, that there is a thief. Can I in all integrity rule myself out of being with or being a thief? Why not steal? Because the law has advised me not to do so. The law is not a thief, to produce or reproduce theft and yet the traits or tendencies are always close by when needs are not close by, in societies worldwide old and new. Theft is not a new thing under the sun or moon, it is an old thing ignored, to shape in lawlessness.

The Scripture grants the opportunities for affirmative action to manifest and materialize and it grants insight as to the conditions that have contributed to every decline, or need not being met. The commandments inform the mind and soul of the need to adhere to reasoning regarding stealing. Theft is one of the generational curses that anyone can be affected and infected by without foresight. When infected contamination can be spread like wildfire. The good or/and the evil both become threats. Good people are a sacrifice that evil people must use to get anything in the world. The evildoers are aware that nothing can be assessed or accessed without the quality of good as a forerunner, and very good as the runner.

This curse is given primarily by self to self. Without repentance, all breath is under a curse. Try saying I repent every day and night, and not forgive me. Even those who practice not stealing are not exempt because of having to live in an environment and world where theft happens at such a velocity and speed and on every level, which places law enforcement behind the eight ball. Evil is not a human expectation, good is. it is a cycle that one can not manage to break without deep cleansing law.

The law over the righteous soul is repentance, it is just up to me, myself, and I to open the practical application and use it all day long. Never allowing the sun to go down without repenting. The spirit and soul need repentance as a cleansing agent. Repentance purges the desire to steal and kill, the destination for such without repentance is eternal fire. Commit the thing to the fire, before you commit people there. Isn't one practicing arson with human beings as the subject to sacrifice, rather than the enemy called theft and murder? Commit those things to the fire first, and make sure that they make no more guest appearances. You mean you can kill a person who has killed and murder still rears its ugly head after? There is something terribly wrong when theft and murder are resurrected again and again, and born again. The law cannot resurrect evil, evil can not mean redemption nor can it be given a part in it, give evil and evildoers over to repentance or endure the curse.

The law is cleansing the mind and soul even right now because no one can stop the law, it will always stop anyone to stop and think about the issue at hand, or lawlessness will proceed with a vengeance. Selah means pause to think about what you have just read or heard, in psalms it is written at the end of most of them. It is suggested when reading or reciting a psalm out loud not to pronounce the word selah, because it must be done, thinking only before it can be uttered! Meditation is a selah intent. Quiet is quiet and silence is silence, not golden. What has gold to do with silence? Looks like if silence is golden, there was a shift from silence to gold. What is the point silence or gold? Alignment is imperative with the usage of "Parallelism." Contrast not comparison. Gold can be contrasted to silence, but compared it cannot be. The accusation about gold is never silence unless you steal some on the QT.

Only the law has been effective in bringing theft into view to make a decision of how to practice what the law instructs. It (the law) admonishes self that thou shalt not steal, it tells you that you will not steal, it speaks directly to you so that you will not offend you but does one listen to the self rebuke or incentive? It is reasoning with me to assist me with not stealing. An aspect of the soul that needs to reason things through. The law told me I would not steal, but I did not know the law. It was reasoning with the mind to perform this lofty goal. The law is good, its principles are very good! It translates into many variables. Today there are, however, misunderstood policies and directives which when kept, just as moral and civil law, produce order, and healing takes place in the world.

It is not an easy task to learn the law after an offense and not become defensive. The guilt is a burden when the law is not kept. There is no wonder that civil disorder seems to be winning, but that is not what the law speaks of. It resonates with triumph over a civil and moral disorder such as theft.

Who will win, the theft or the thief? Neither nor, the only one who stands a chance in that scenario is the one stolen from until it can be proven and measured correctly. The thief is no worst than who he or she steals from because the issue or point of the law is theft. How can it be resolved? Honor for the law that honors me enough to alert and warn me, not who does it because of perilous behavior traits and patterns. Who forgives more than the law? Forewarning giving instructions one must give (heed and hear) themselves in order not to offend themselves, which could hurt and not help survival. Repent today of self-offense, to never blame anyone else for something you know that you are responsible for because self-offense is a little fox that has spoiled and if allowed to continue can spoil the whole vine.

Grace and peace.

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