This Is Bananas! HubPages Author Feeds Monkeys (and Other Animals) With Passive Income From His Articles

Updated on March 13, 2018
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Emily is an editor at HubPages who loves hearing the stories of Hubbers and how they've found success writing here.

 Rabbit and guinea hen purchased by HP
Rabbit and guinea hen purchased by HP

I recently touched base with Dr. Mark, a HubPages author who mainly writes articles about animals and animal health. I wanted to know if there were any stories he’d be willing to share with our community about what he’s been able to do with his HubPages earnings.

Though I was excited to hear about how he’s been able to use the extra income, I was not prepared to learn about the HubPages Beneficiary Feeding Program. What is that, you ask? Well, I’ll just let Dr. Mark tell you himself. Here is his response to my email:

Introducing the HubPages Beneficiary Feeding Program

Hi Emily! I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the HubPages Beneficiary Feeding Program. (HPBFP—I wanted a cool acronym like PETA or NOW, but my pit bull would not come up with anything better so we are stuck with HPBFP.)

The HPBFP is an amazing program set up for some of the animals down here in Brazil. Each month, HP [HubPages] deposits to my PayPal account, and I am able to buy hundreds of pounds of whole corn, cracked corn, cornmeal, and . . . well, you get the picture.

Since a few months after I joined HP in 2012, the HPBFP has been buying fresh human-quality raw chicken, beef, and vegetables for the beneficiary dogs.

A horse and a donkey that are part of the beneficiary program.
A horse and a donkey that are part of the beneficiary program.

HP was also able to purchase a small orchard in the village near my farm so that we could add produce to their diet. When avocados and papayas are in season, the dogs love them and benefit from the extra vitamins. Jaboutacaba, passion fruit, banana, and guava trees also benefit a Capuchin monkey who resides with me and takes full advantage of the HPBFP. Extra fruit is donated to the wild marmosets that live in the jungle in my back yard.

When HP payments are excessive, I also purchase new animals to join the HPBFP. Each month a new rabbit or duck may join but on good months the animals are joined by a new horse, parrot, or lamb. Last week [February 2018], HPBFP was able to purchase 11 sheep due to the great results from January’s page views.

12 sheep purchased in February 2018 with HubPages earnings.
12 sheep purchased in February 2018 with HubPages earnings.

With my earnings from HP, I've been able to make a down payment on a small cocoa plantation. Cocoa, unlike coffee, is grown under the native rain forest, so both the flora and fauna survive. I have been able to watch and interact with capuchin monkeys, sloths, marmosets, koati, capivara, several species of parrots, and many species of reptiles and insects. There is nothing as fun as watching a band of monkeys bounce from tree to tree, and for this gift I am thankful to HP.

Dr. Mark's monkey enjoying a banana.
Dr. Mark's monkey enjoying a banana.

Thank You, Dr. Mark!

It makes me and the whole team at HubPages so happy to see people’s hard work and writing pay off for them with real-world results (and adorable animals!)

This, of course, did not happen overnight. Dr. Mark has been writing on HubPages for over five years, but his persistence and passion have paid off.

Thank you, Dr. Mark, for being a part of our community. You are an inspiration!

Here are some of Dr. Mark's top articles. Check them out and get inspired!

If you would like to join HubPages and share your passion with the world, feel free to learn more about what writing on HubPages is like and how to sign up.

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      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        10 months ago from UK

        For a relatively new hubber this article is inspirational.

      • Bob Bamberg profile image

        Bob Bamberg 

        11 months ago from Southeastern Massachusetts

        Great article, Emily, about one of HP's premier assets. I joined shortly after DrMark did and also write mainly about animal health, nutrition, behavior, and advocacy. We are at opposite ends of many viewpoints but quickly established a warm cyberfriendship.

        My day job is as a rep for a pet food company, and DrMark ranks commercial pet food right down there with swamp gas and belly button lint. He once jokingly referred to me as the poison peddler from the evil pet food company.

        We often take good-natured jabs at each other in the comment streams of our hubs and each of us looks forward to the other's comment on our hubs.

        DrMark's hubs are always in the bullseye of what piques pet owners' interests, and they always impart information useful to a large segment of the pet owner population.

        He is truly one of the gems of HubPages and is richly deserving of the remuneration that supports the HPBFP. Although I did notice that he simply referred to his put bull and his monkey.

        For the record, his pit bull is a beauty named Ajej and his capuchin monkey is a comical, incorrigible soul named Nicki. They often steal the spotlight from him and I think that makes him a little cranky.

        Thanks for the article. Like DrMark, himself, most interesting!

      • Dreamhowl profile image

        Jessica Marello 

        11 months ago from United States

        Everything about this is wonderful!

      • Kate Rix profile image

        Kate Rix 

        11 months ago from Oakland, California

        What a great story! I love hearing about Dr. Mark's program. It's so inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Emily!


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