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Think That Insects Have Easy Lives, Think Again

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Do not Question me

on why that (some) things in life are such and such a way. I simply do not know. So I am not going to waste time and effort to finding out something that, odds are, really nothing to anyone. I find the very same way when I am tempted to ask God, The Creator, why He made certain things the way that He made them. For me, I simply do not want Him to laugh at my ignorance.


Okay Then Just Tell me

why did God create (some) insects to come equipped with poisonous stinging equipment (for lack of a better word) that can literally put your back on the ground if you rile them. I am completely-serious. Ever since I was 10-years-old or so, I have always had a very healthy respect for Red Wasps; Guinea Wasps; Hornets; Honey Bees and Yellow Jackets. When I see one flying around, I stop and salute it before going on my way.

I can give you an educated guess on why these little fellas are made with stingers. It is because they defend themselves and their homes. They work on the ages-old saying, "we won't mess with you and you don't mess with us," and for more years that I care to count, "this" system works. And works well. But there again, one of those smart Alec's will bumble around where these stinging insects are minding their own business and the smart alec will first, toss a small stone at them--just to see those around him laugh, but truth be told, these very same onlookers are laughing "at" the smart alec for stirring up whatever stinging insects he has angered.

Then, if tossing the small stone doesn't work, he might get someone's outside water hose and when this happens, if I were one of you onlookers, I would take cover or better head to the inside of your home. And stay there while smart alec is swarmed all over his body with hornets, bees, or any stinging insect that I told you about earlier. And friend, it does NOT take these angry bees a long time to let smart alec's know that he has messed up big time.

Truthfully speaking, I've heard tell that Hornets, Red Wasps and Honey Bees if they sting someone whom is allergic to their venom, they are liable to die if they do not get medical attention right away. These stinging insects ARE that deadly. I know. I've had the bad fortune of being stung by Guinea Wasps, Red Wasps, and Honey Bees, and thank God, I haven't been stung with those hornets who build those cone-shaped hives that hang below a tree limp. If you see one of these gray, cone shapes, stop. Then change direction. Do not bother the occupants of this abode. These are Hornets and they all know how to sting a nosy person to where that person should learn better than mess with them.

I see it this way: I don't see these stinging insects hanging about my home or yours--just waiting for the opportunity to run in so they can attack you while you sleep. These stinging insects will ONLY sting if you rile them. And friend, that does not take a lot of work to do. Please remember this on your next wilderness hike.

Since I am here talking about stinging insects, if you love to eat watermelons, peaches, cantaloupes and apples and throw the remainder of them at the end of your yard or inside your outside garbage, you are only inviting trouble and I mean a lot of it because these insects love to enjoy the nectar that the sugars in these fruits have inside their fibers. So if you want to keep your yards and patio area clean of all dangerous stinging insects, dispose of the left-over's of watermelons, cantaloupe, apples and peaches properly and put them inside a good garbage can and make sure that the lid is closed tight.

At this time I know that all I have presented you is some sound advice and a little humor concerning insects whose stingers can hurt you, so now I want to finish this narrative with me playing the role of a Red Wasp and have some interaction and dialogue from me, the Red Wasp, and other insects that might fly around where I am sitting.

"Hey, 'Tom,' see that ol' boy over there on his patio?" "I" ask softly as to not give myself away.

"Yeah, what about it?" "Billy" "Honey Bee" replies.

"Watch this! I am going to let him have it on the back-end because last week he up and took a can of insect spray and killed a hundred of my cousins," "I" explain while flying away from "Billy Bee."

Upon my return to the tree limb where I was sitting.

"I saw you nail his butt good. Way to go," "Billy Bee" says.

"Thanks, man. I just hate to let someone like him get away with murder. And listen. Is it true that you and your relations all die when you sting someone?" "I" ask "Billy."

"Very true. Very true. That is why I am keeping my stinger as long as I can for when I lose my temper and use my stinger, that will be all she wrote," "Billy Bee" says almost crying.

"Okay. Settle down. You can go with me to the little ditch around that ol' boy's land and over there, guess what I found? A few apples and cantaloupes that he must have thrown out without thinking. You and our friends can eat our fill of the sweet sugar in these thrown-away foot items. ("I" laugh) hey, I tell you, "Billy," I told you that he was one who didn't think before he acted--well, last weekend when the temperature was over 100, he barbecued without a shirt on and cooked his back to a turn!" I say to "Billy Bee."

"Before I go, 'Billy,' do you think that you might someday be a pet for someone's child?" I ask.

"You serious? Me?! I would be glad to be a Pet Bee, but it's those flying hands of his and his parents who worry me. I got to pass on that idea," "Billy Bee"replies.

All in a day's work for the Insect World.

________________________________March 13, 2018


© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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