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The Stupid Things We All Need to Stop Doing

Joanne Kristin has diplomas in Journalism and Arts and Science from Fanshawe College in Canada.


Who doesn't get completely frustrated over the littlest thing, on occasion? Whether it be a bad mood, or a bad day, or a bad encounter, we've all been there. I go there often. Sometimes, I settle in with a nice cup of tea and a fluffy pillow. We all have specific things that set us off easier during these moments of, lets call it, weakness. The question is, how good is your ability to tolerate human stupidity? Mine sucks. So, for the sake of fun and entertainment, lets visit some of these issues that drive us all up the wall, and stop doing them, so we can make this world a little more tolerable. In no particular order; one is just as stupid as the next.

All Cars Come With A Turn Signal Switch. Use them.


Soooo, you people who don't use signal lights correctly, or at all, need a lesson apparently. Signal lights are there for a reason. The point of the signal light is to signal, yes signal (hence the name), to the person directly behind you, that you will be turning very shortly. Getting into the turning lane, and then putting on your signal light is pointless. I already know you are turning, you're in the freakin' turning lane! I want to know sooner as to why you're slowing down like a fool. That's what I think, "what is this idiot doing?" Ohhhh, you are turning, thanks for letting me know way too late. Use your signal light. Just use it. People are not mind readers.

If You Do This I Hate You


Shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot. What is up with this? Put them back. I get it, you're late, but now I'm late because you decided to leave the shopping cart in the one parking spot left. The parking spot that everyone else has avoided because you didn't put the damn thing back. I get there are cart boys running around picking up carts, but no, you used it, put it back where it goes. It's called, 'courtesy'. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned manners? If you use something that doesn't belong to you, put it back where it goes.

Please Don't Call Your Baby That


People who name their child some weird, unusual, let's call it, to be nice, 'creative' name? Yeah? I hate it. I also feel sorry for the child, who will spend their entire life correcting people on the pronunciation and spelling. What were you thinking? No, it's not clever. Nobody wants to deal with that, especially your child. It's even worse if you take a normal name and spell it ridiculously. What is the purpose of that? You want your child to be different? Nobody is going to see that anyway. Trust me, your daughter Cydnee, and your son Kristoffer are no happier than I am, and they certainly aren't 'different'. What? You think naming them 'Stream' is going to help them become an astronaut? The only thing it's going to do, is assist in their 'attention-seeking' personality, you apparently want them to have. Stop doing this. It's nothing but chaos for everyone. Honestly, how many minutes of your child's life do you want them to spend correcting people on how to spell their own freaking name?

Can You Be Any Slower?


Now I don't know about you, but my superpower is picking the shortest line at the checkout with the slowest cashier in the world. Yep, you're clever, you're lucky, look at this, I have one item and I'm going to zoom through this checkout. Yeah, no, that isn't happening today people. Not only is this lady slow, she's a small talker, and while you're screaming on the inside, she's talking about the weather. You even pull out cash in the hope to speed things up, but that was just stupid on your part, as you sit there with your hand open, while she counts each coin back to you. So much for your luck.

What The Heck Is Taking So Long!?


It seems like ever single time I go to the drive thru, especially in a hurry, the person ahead of me is ordering the entire menu. Drive thrus are made specifically so you can be quick. Hence the name. If you are ordering 17 items, quit being so selfish and go inside. The world does not revolve around you. Please take into account, people are in a hurry and don't have time to wait 20 minutes for you to get 14 Big Mac meals, 12 custom sandwiches, 7 drink orders and a partridge in a pear tree. If you ever get behind me at a drive thru, you will literally hear me yelling, "what the heck did this guy order?", followed by hand waving and shaking of the head. I have a complete lack of understanding as to why someone does this, and the only excuse I can come up with is sheer laziness. Get the hell out of the car and go in the store if you're ordering for an entire baseball team. Have some respect for the 3 cars behind you ordering just coffee.

Get Over!


I often wonder how so many people passed their driving test. The left lane is called 'the passing lane' for a reason, but you didn't know it was called that anyway, did you? If you are driving in this lane and there is someone on your butt, GET OVER. It's really quite simple. If your driving slow or not passing a car, just get the hell over. You see these people trickling along like they own the entire frigging highway. Who on earth do you think you are? How freaking stupid are you? Please learn how to drive. Read the signs at least. They are all over the place, stating the left lane is the passing lane. Obey them. They are there for idiots like you. I cannot understand how there is so many of these people. I always find humor in the look they give you when you speed by them on the right, because you've just tailgated them for the last half an hour praying they would move, but you finally gave up. Like you're the idiot doing something wrong. Yes, I am, I'm passing you on the right, because you're a moron and wouldn't get out of the way. I wouldn't have to, if you knew how to drive correctly.

What Did You Just Say?


Thanks to the invention of the smart phone, sales calls can now be easily avoided. However, if you own a landline, you've been here. These people call at the worst times. Yes, I know it's your job, but tell your boss I'm eating my supper. It's 5:30pm. What the hell do you think I'm doing right now? No, I don't want a free estimate on new windows, I want to eat my supper in peace. I'm grateful for call display for exactly this purpose. Today, however, the more likely phone problem we run across is, strong accents on technical support. It's extremely annoying and exhausting. I just want my phone fixed! I cannot understand you. No, I am not racist. You're accent is too strong and I don't know what you are saying. I'm not insulting you, I'm merely suggesting you work on your English accent. If I can't understand you, you can't help me. I'm sorry. I'm not being mean. I'm being realistic. The phone calls are twice as long as they should be, due to constantly asking them to repeat themselves. I've had some so bad, I've had to hang up and call back in the hopes I will get someone I can understand. It's ridiculous that those who seem to land jobs in communication aren't clear when they speak. Frankly, it just sucks. Maybe try a new profession.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie


Can someone please explain to me, why on earth people are posting 14 selfies a day on social media sites? It's absolutely ridiculous. I don't want to see you that much. I don't care what you look like as a Snapchat puppy. Is this a cry for help? Are you narcissistic? Do you crave love and attention? Because all you are getting out of me, is hate. So you're pretty, I see that, but that doesn't change the fact that you are stupid. Are you receiving that validation you have clearly requested so many times daily? I hope so. I hope there is a really great reason for having to see your face so often. Luckily, there are social media options to hide such nonsense, that I find myself having to take advantage of more and more often. If my 8 year old daughter starts doing this at some point, I'm going to ban her from the internet and send her to a library. I don't know if it's my age, or this instant ability to constantly be putting yourself out there, but I find myself wishing it still took a week to develop photos.

I can just keep going and going and going. I don't remember at what point the world got so intolerable to live in. It's no wonder why people don't want to go out in it anymore. I have a million of these little things. We all do. I'm not going to go on about them all day. See, there's this specific time you have allotted in your head, on how much time something should take, and when it takes longer than the 30 seconds you imagined, you become impatient very quickly. When people slow you down, it screws it up. We've all done annoying things. Some people are just stupid, so for you guys, I hope this was informative. Other people may just be straight-out jerks, but whatever the case is, we need to nip this crap in the bud. It makes you insane. It makes me insane. It makes everyone completely insane. So stop.

I'm going back to my pillow fort now. All this talk about stupid people and annoying things has me irritated.

© 2017 Joanne Kristin

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