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Things That I Wonder About George Clooney . . .

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

 Clooney, Pitt, and Damon ham it up for the camera.

Clooney, Pitt, and Damon ham it up for the camera.

What Do We Know About George Clooney

George Clooney, nephew to Rosemary Clooney, is a multi, mega-talented man. Actor, writer, producer, director, activist, husband and father. And is excellent in every area. Excellent! Did you catch that? Excellent!

I am out to produce fresh, poignant, and sometimes-fresh text so much so that if you run short on your disposable razors . . . lean over here and I will let you run both jaws over the edges of my face and then you will look like George Clooney, with his "Just Got My Hair Styled and My Face Shaved by a Master Italian Barber," Peoppi, whose family came over on the Pinta and the family not only founded, but invented bendable-horseshoes. Do you want to know an astounding fact? Clooney looks every day of his life like the guy who "Just Got His Hair Styled and His Face Shaved," well, doggone it! He is worth every cent that he has made and worth every bit of attention that "Peoppi" gives his hair and face. I mean it. Hooray for George Clooney!

In all sincerity, I hope that IF George Clooney or anyone from his family or coworkers see this piece that they will read the following: I do NOT aim ANY of my text to degrade or embarrass George Clooney in the least. In fact, I hope that Clooney will take THIS hub in which it was intended . . .CLEAN and Very respectful.

Behind The Scenes of George Clooney

George Clooney is currently-married to Amal who he married in 2014 and was married to Tailia Balsam from 1989 to 1993. I wish I knew the reason Clooney and Balsam split, but I do not know. Sorry.

The Clooney's have two children: Alexander and Ella, and I would wager that they get the finest of everything--clothing; schooling; and whatever hobby interests them.

George's father, Nick Clooney, died from lung cancer, at age 74, in 2002. Rosemary's nephew George was even a pallbearer at her funeral, in Maysville, Ky., her childhood home.

I would name the titles of block-buster films where he was either the star, not the co-star or he either directed, produced, or wrote the screenplay. You shouldn't looked shocked. You know that I am right.

There was . . .his work on the “Roseanne” series; the “ER” series; “O Brother Where Art Thou?”; “Monuments Men” “Oceans 11, 12, and 14,” and “Gravity,” with Sandra Bullock and ton of other films. To say that George Clooney likes to work on those projects that will help (a) give them awareness to people who are ignorant of the cause. I can respect that.

Aside From Clooney’s Background and Tremendous Body of Work

  • I wonder many times what George Clooney thinks about, and this can be at no certain time, but anytime day or night . . .
  • I wonder if George Clooney Think About – keeping up with the current style(s) of clothing, shoes, and Pjs?
  • I wonder if George Clooney Ever Thinks About – wearing a traditional Santa Clause garb and stands on any street corner asking for donations for some worthy charity?
  • I wonder if George Clooney has Ever Thought About – investing into the NASCAR Industry? Yeah. He could drive a car that is fully-aware that Clooney is the owner of the car as well as the driver. Look! He does not need to be so sensitive. The late Country Music singer, Marty Robbins drove a race-car.
  • I wonder if George Clooney Would – donate his time to serving as a cook in the U.S. Army? What a morale-builder this would be.
  • I wonder if George Clooney Ever – considers painting his one of many mansions when they need it. Yeah! Give the common laborers a break by doing it himself. And in the process, compose as screenplay about “Working Guys” and how they live and react to daily life.
  • I Wonder if George Clooney Ever – lets this thought cross his mind: Clooney goes undercover as a New York City detective as a burned-out club comic? Do I smell Oscar?
  • I Really Wonder if George Clooney – would take some serious time thinking about a full revamp of his “ER” role as “Doug Ross: Pediatrician.?” Most of the co-stars are still around and in this film, “Ross” is now the Managing Pediatric Specialist, but also THE boss and takes no prisoners or troublemakers.
  • I Wonder if George Clooney Would – do a more-sophisticated “Oceans 15,” film, that would end his “Ocean” films. In this film, “Tess,” (Julia Roberts), is taken hostage by “Terry Benedict,” and demands 200 million from “Danny Ocean” and the crew, but there is a story within this story. Roberts is the one who, while being held hostage, designs a plan so slick that SHE is the one who escapes bringing “Benedict” down.
  • A PS for George Clooney: Are you ever going to work with Kevin "Doug Heffernen" James with a reboot of "King of Queens," and you could be his boss at IPS.

At least it was a thought.

Oh, George and his family and YOU . . .Happy Valentines Day--Feb. 14, 2019.

George Clooney and his buddies: Pitt; Damon; Roberts; and others.

George Clooney and his buddies: Pitt; Damon; Roberts; and others.

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