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They Killed My Pet Cat Minni Maav

Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant. She is single mother and a philanthropist. She is an Eye Consultant in a Private Eye Institute.


They killed my pet cat Minni Maav

My tomcat Minni Maav was born in Kamptee in the outskirts of Nagpur, India one-and-a-half years ago. He was one of three siblings the other two being she-cats. He was beautiful just like his mother, his underbelly being pure white and the back had black patches. His face was half white and half black, and the eyes were pink and black and looked as if he had applied kohl or kajal in one eye which was covered with a black area of fur and pink in the other eye which was surrounded by a white area. His tail was black and shot up at 90 degrees from his body just like the tails of cat community do. He was a beautiful animal covered with soft fur.

One fine day when I was sitting in my room watching TV after a long day at the hospital, my son came home holding a small parcel in his hands. There was some activity in the cloth bag he was holding and soon two tiny eyes peeped at me with a long drawn meeeeow. I was delighted as I am a cat lover. This beautiful puss was one-and-a-half months old when my son brought him from Kamptee to Nagpur in a cloth bag on a motorbike. The poor puss was frightened and meow meowed all the way to his future home. Then he stuck his head out of the bag and viewed the outside world with frightened eyes.

I was excited and glad to see my pet cat and we quickly put it inside a bird house which was to be his immediate home. For the first few days and even nights he meow-meowed as he missed his mom and family. We fed him milk from a saucer and patted its soft fur and he reciprocated our love and also he soon learnt to do some purring. He gained weight and out-grew his bird-house and soon he was playing and running in our home. Cats are so….. playful and our pet too was very playful and full of mischief and he soon won our hearts with his feline activities.

Our Minni Maav was like a child in our family. We soon introduced meat to his diet. He loved non-vegetarian food such as goat meat chicken and beef and grew up fast into a beautiful cat. Reluctantly we released him into the outside world. Reluctantly because we were aware of the fact that there are people out there who do not like cats and roam around with a rifle in their hands so that they can hunt down cats. Also we would feed our cat fully so that he would not venture out into the viscinity of their house for food and be a target for their deadly weaponry.

Our puss was oblivious about all these activities and was full of fun and play. He would come home early in the morning and with his meow-meow he would demand to be fed. I loved feeding him milk and bread, and if we also had non-veg in our fridge it would be a feast for him. Minni Maav was a very disciplined cat….. he was toilet-trained and had a clean fur. He would never ever climb up on the cooking platform nor would he stick his mouth in kitchen utensils nor would he steal food. All he did was a meow-meow and wait for someone to feed him. After his feeding he would lie down on his favorite seat below my bed and rest for a while. Then off into the outside world again for fun and frolic. This was his world.


For one-and-a-half year this cat gave us so much love and happiness. He was like a family member to us and he filled our lives with love and happiness. Sometimes our puss would not come home for 2 to 3 days at a stretch and we would worry about his well-being. We would search for him everywhere and suddenly he would put in his appearance from nowhere and we would be filled with joy at his return. We thought and believed that our puss would always always be with us. But…..

Enter a villian..... with a rifle.....In a matter of few minutes he shot away our happiness from us. Our Minni Maav was hit by the bullets he fired at him. For his death dance and entertainment, my puss paid with his life. This unknown person may have gunned down and killed many a cat in his lifetime. And many more may be killed in future. However……..there is a saying that “It is considered HIGHLY INAUSPISCIOUS to kill dumb animals especially cats, and one has to pay a grim price for such misdeeds”. Justice will be done….. by no other than God Himself……. I am sure.

Bye Minni Maav………


My Pet Cat Minni Maav defied death…….

My pet cat returned home from the jaws of death……Six days after he fired a bullet in his right eye.

I had accepted the fact that my pet cat was no more and had indeed died after being hit by a bullet fired at him by an unscrupulous person six days ago. Actually that day I was sitting in my room at about 9 PM when I heard a distinct meow from behind my front door. Immediately I called out to my son and rushed to open the door. There he stood like a wounded lion meow-meowing and entered the house with staggering feet. We were so emotional and so happy and excited to see him alive after having assumed that he was dead. I cant describe my feelings at that moment. I was overwhelmed and shed tears of joy and gratitude towards God for having kept a watch over my pet during his trying days and nights. Probably my Minni Maav had been unconscious for 6 days and nights after being hit by the bullet, and by God’s Grace he had survived.

He had lost a lot of weight and was very very hungry. Quickly with gratitude I fed him and applied eye drops in his injured eye and stroked his fur. And by God he was so delighted to be back in his safe haven that watching him tears rolled down my cheeks. We nursed our injured hero for three days and we were so terrified for his safety because the person who was responsible for this tragedy was adamant on killing our pet cat if he wandered into his territory. So, we decided to set our cat free into the butcher’s colony so that he would be atleast safe as far as his life was concerned. And he would find food also as the other cats do in such a location.

Yesterday we set him free there and prayed to God to keep him safe, well fed and happy.

Bye Minni Maav…….

© 2012 Dr Kulsum Mehmood


Dr Kulsum Mehmood (author) from Nagpur, India on March 05, 2018:

Yes lex. Cats are so loving and they are one of our family member. Sad about your cat's disappearing. God bless you and ur family.

lex123 on March 04, 2018:

So sad to know about your cat's fate. I too had a cat which was so cute and lovely, suddenly disappeared one day. Don't know whether someone took her away or killed her without our knowledge.

Dr Kulsum Mehmood (author) from Nagpur, India on November 14, 2017:

Thanks Dream On. At the moment I am not having a pet. I love cats soooo much. Thank you for visiting.....

DREAM ON on November 14, 2017:

I love animals and have a cat myself. Cats have wonderful personalities. All a little different but so loving. I feel real bad about your cat and wondered if you ever got another one. I believe you can tell your cat how much she has changed your life even if she is not here. Blessings to your cat and your family. Have a good day.

Dr Kulsum Mehmood (author) from Nagpur, India on September 14, 2012:

He PurpleHubs

Arun Kumar from United Kingdom on September 14, 2012:

Beautiful cat. He will miss you. sorry He or She???

Dr Kulsum Mehmood (author) from Nagpur, India on February 20, 2012:

Went to the place we left him twice but did not find him there. He must have moved elsewhere with other felines and hopefully adjusted in the group. Also I wish and hope he finds a beautiful girlfriend kitty.

amaya on February 12, 2012:

That is so cruel didn't they go to prison or get fined! I hate guns ugly stupid prices of metal! I am so mad to think that they just shot your cat what fools!

Dr Kulsum Mehmood (author) from Nagpur, India on February 06, 2012:

Yes indeed. He is a handsome cat. I will go and check out on him next sunday. I am sure he too will be missing us as we do.

quicksand on February 06, 2012:

Glad he survived after all. Nice looking cat too. :)

Dr Kulsum Mehmood (author) from Nagpur, India on February 06, 2012:

I have set him free in a locality away from their place.As long as he does not cross their path, he is safe.

quicksand on February 06, 2012:

I don't understand, is there nobody whom you could complain to? If you set him "free" won't they be able to find him easily?

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