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These Futuristic Ad Tools May Be Your Company's Best Friend

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Welcome to Another Edition of

"Ken's Memory Lane." I'm your host, the lovable, and humble, Kenneth Avery." Since you have traveled so far, I do not have that many refreshments, so get yourself a cup of coffee ad a chocolate chips cookie and listen to what I have to say.

Since the earliest recorded time when advertising was written on pieces of paper with messages such as: Eat at Joes and Call Yellow Taxi. We Never Doze. Those type of small, get-to-the-point style of advertising. And frankly, the cafes with owners named, "Joe," did get a good amount of foot traffic, but as time went on and consumers became a viable force in our country, restaurants, taxi companies and other retail merchants had to do something besides hang an ad on someone's fence somewhere that the cops wouldn't check them out, but hardly anyone knew the correct ways to channel the need for retail business and how to get the creative energies flowing to get their name into the Consumer Base.

Your company's name (or logo) could be seen on the side of this guy's head.

Your company's name (or logo) could be seen on the side of this guy's head.

From Ads on Fences

to (some) sharp-thinking people who knew the right formula: Put a Name in The Public and That Equaled More Business. And it worked. I can recall when farmers who lived around my hometown would allow tourist attractions to rent their barn roof for a certain amount of cash for the month or year and before you know it, another way to advertise was booming.

Depending on the prosperity of the farmers and their barn area, (some) of these sly farmers gave up farming altogether and sit in the cool shade only to visit to their mailboxes to receive the checks from the companies and tourist attractions who had rented the farmer's barn space. The most popular tourist attraction was notably "See Rock City"--that one sign alone was responsible for no telling how many tourists who took that advice that they read on "Farmer Bill's" red barn sign.

And like someone wiser said, the rest was history. But not really. From the time of barn spaces used to advertise everything and anything from car lots to some motel advertising "a Real Lover's Retreat." Yes, advertising was growing and since the early days of "Eat at Joes," there was really no end in sight for each year, some ad exec in some big ad agency would hit on "that" one ad campaign that would be seen and heard by millions and soon, this young and enterprising young ad exec would be promoted to a vice president or something higher.

Just one of the barns where 'See Rock City' was placed to attract tourists.

This See Rock City Barn on U.S. Highway 441, in Sevier County, Tennessee,

This See Rock City Barn on U.S. Highway 441, in Sevier County, Tennessee,

Just to Name

a few of the most-successful ad agencies today are: Walker and Associates, Memphis, Tn., Martin Advertising, Birmingham, Ala., and Spectruss. I wanted to name a few of what I call the "Evolution of 'Eat at Joes' to Big Ticket Ad Agencies." And products such as Ford Motor Co., Pizza Hut, and the most -memorable of American businesses to advertise was Coca-Cola. This company ran everything from radio, newspaper, billboard, and yes, on some farmer's barns and the company knows how to spend a certain amount of ad dollars because this ad agency not only makes their ad campaigns a household word, but with something called Focus Groups, the ad dollars spent at the right time to the right age bracket will pay off four-fold in dividends popularity as well as the bottom line: Money.

Did you see the guy wearing the Mohawk Haircut in the photo in this hub? At first, I am sure that (some) people who had the nerve, made fun of his hairstyle, but as big and muscular as he looks, I would say that that number was very small of the people who saw the sight of one of his large fists coming at him like a run-away freight train.

And now we have huge and successful ad agencies taking in and spending our money as if there were no tomorrow. So "how," not "what" will the next generation of consumers be able to look, read, or hear a certain company's name and products? Well, I would say that these razor-sharp ad exec's on Fifth Avenue, New York City are not going to "go gently into that dark night," so if "I" have anything to say about it . . .I want the following to be where these new consumers will be spending their money.

Haircuts and Head Space -- will be where the New Millennium's will shop for a new car or maybe a new pair of shoes. Did your eyes instantly go to the big guy with the Mohawk Haircut? Sure you did. You are as human as I am. And now with Rap and Hip Hop growing bigger and more popular, I can see that the big companies will pay good money to pay some guy to have their name styled into his hair. Me? My head is bald and for rent. If a company like Toyota or Nike were to approach me, I would be glad to negotiate with them.

Sports Jersey Space -- just think. With the overall popularity of the NBA, one of these days Stephen Curry, point guard of the Golden State Warriors, will be showing off a business name such as Chevrolet or Pepsi Cola. Of course, with Curry's $34 million that he makes per year, he will be okay with the new advertising venture and only let one of these companies rent one side of his jersey for at least $5.5 million a month.

Alcohol Bottle Action -- face it. Booze and the consumer are great pals. So why don't one of those less-popular whiskey companies, sell a Two-Way Ad such as: "Please Drink Responsibly." "This Note is Sponsored by Excedrin: for Those Day-After Headaches."

Sports Ball Means Bucks -- when was the last football, baseball or basketball that you attended or watched on TV? Did you see anything on the balls in these contests? Well, you should if you are the CEO of a big company with plenty of ad bucks to spend. Just remember. Vince McMahon, the President and GM of WWE Wrestling is set to kick-off (sorry for the pun) a New Football League in the Spring of 2019. And even McMahon hasn't thought of MY ad campaign. Simply put the name of some growing American company and have it designed onto the football one time. Millions will be talking about McMahon being an ad genius. Of course I will be the "power behind the throne," but I would be willing to go 60/40 with Vince--and me with the 40%. I ain't greedy, but I do want my rental money up front. That is only good business.

Rodeo Ad Revenues -- will start a huge ascention once my idea of having top-dollar companies start placing their logos on the saddles of the wildest broncos about to be rode in crowds that are now taking a re-look to American Rodeo. But if you like bull riding, imagine that an angry bull, "Satan's Pitchfork," is trying to throw some eager cowboy. Since Bull Riding does not have saddles, why not give the bull and the cowboy a colorful bandana with the company's name in plain view? What an idea. What a great way for American business to soar.

Would You Attend -- church next Sunday if in the next worship service, a deep male voice (sort of like Lyle Wagoner's voice on the Carol Burnette Show) would say, "this morning's song service is sponsored by Jim's Mufflers and Tires. Located on Scutter Street? Or maybe before your pastor delivers the morning message when that same voice says, "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It's now time for your pastor, Bro. William, to deliver the morning message brought to you by Hershey's Chocolate. America's Best Chocolate Bar Since Feburary 9, 1894!" Of course all ad monies would go right to the church and it's community-minded ministries.

Ad Success is No Bull -- if your company, let's say is now on The New York Stock Exchange, but your company is not being noticed that much. Just have a master designer of colorful blankets to put on the bulls that run in The Annual Running of The Bulls and your company will achieve world-wide notoriety--because every news outlet that is known will have more to talk about with your company's name being seen on these beautiful blankets.

Buy 100,000 Empty Bottles -- and pay a relative (who is out of work) and put a message that reads: "If You Are Reading This Message, You Are a Winner! Simply Show Up at This Company's Address and We Will Give You $1,000 Cash! This is No Joke!" And then wait. When you and this now-working relative head out to the open seas and dump those 100,000 bottles and see how far they have sailed. Plus, the news services will be glad to cover the event when a winner or winners appear at your store.

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May 29, 2018________________________________________

Barn Ad space Sells. That is as plain as it can get.

Barn Ad space Sells. That is as plain as it can get.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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