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The Key to Success and Prosperity in Our Lives

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The wisest and richest man in the world: King Solomon It gives us the key to success: the wisdom

According to the work: The Secrets of King Solomon by the author Daniel de Oliveira, King Solomon was immensely rich, in all aspects of his life, for something very important that anyone who wants wealth in his life must develop, both in money and into positive spiritual elements. The quality that distinguished him was WISDOM.

It is said in the Bible; Salomón was very rich, because all his decisions were based on this quality. The prosperity in his life was total, because his thoughts and decisions were always guided by excellent strategies and truths of life, which he applied in his government.


The relationship between wisdom and wealth

Solomon mentions the close relationship between wisdom and wealth, but emphasizes that not all rich people are wise. But if we have wisdom, wealth will come spontaneously without any difficulty, thus being a natural response, for being wise in the acts of life.

True prosperity involves the aspects: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, family, professional, social and material.

World Heritage

There is a valuable legacy that Solomon left us, a book called Proverbs, which is in the Bible (Old Testament).

If we follow the indications and advice that Solomon gives us in the 31 chapters of proverbs, we will be happily destined to achieve goals of well-being and abundance in all aspects of life.

As the story goes, it is said that, at that time, when Solomon existed, people wanted to achieve prosperity, and that is why they were always with Solomon, learning to be successful and they achieved it, obtaining abundance in their lives.
These people knew that King Solomon had been blessed by God, who had given him much wisdom. Therefore, to thank the king for teaching them, they brought him many gifts, such as gold, silver, clothing, and other valuables.


Some secrets and truths of wisdom

1. Don't despair for wealth goals.
Simply applying wisdom to our lives would provide us with that desired wealth, not only material, but in every way.
2. Seek inner wealth first, then material wealth will come in the form of an answer.
3. Wealth gradually accumulated with personal development is God's blessing, but that which comes by chance is not well managed, and most of the time it is lost as quickly as it came, example: lottery prizes.

“It is difficult to conserve what has not been achieved through
Personal development." (Jim Rohn).

4: In proverbs, chapter 19, verse 2; eagerness without wisdom is harmful, because despair can be counterproductive, without the due direction of God's knowledge. Enthusiasm without knowledge ends in failure.

On the financial side, George Clason tells us that we should save ten percent of the profits we make. And little by little we will increase our money.

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