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My Walk With Christ

Born again Christian, learning to live the life God wants for me. Sharing my life experiences and lessons.

... And so began my walk with Christ.

... And so began my walk with Christ.

How many times have you accepted Christ into your heart? Did you feel changed afterward? Did you feel the Holy Spirit come upon you?

I‘ve accepted The Lord into my heart several times throughout my life. Once in elementary school, once in high school, and again sometime after I graduated. I’ve always been a believer, since as far back as I can remember. Though I didn’t grow up with parents who were church goers or parents who even talked about God, I was very blessed to live across the street from a pastor, his Sunday school teacher wife, and their daughters and down the street from a devout Christian family. These people planted a seed in my ever so young heart.

Throughout my school years, I grew physically and emotionally, but never spiritually. My parents and friends and most of the people I surrounded myself with, didn’t talk about God and so I didn’t think much about Him. I became immersed in worldly things. I was far from Kingdom-minded, let alone knew what that meant, but I was still a believer. I prayed once in while, but I definitely didn’t have a relationship with God.

Now, let’s fast-forward to my mom years. At first, my heart felt so full. I eventually realized though, that there was something missing. I struggled with depression and anxiety for a long time. I searched for things to fill that void. I threw myself into my marriage, my kids, photography, writing, craft projects, among other things and though I’d find some satisfaction, it was always short-lived.

One day, I decided I was sick of living in the chains of depression and I thought to myself, only God can help me. Then I thought, “But how do I have a real relationship with someone I can’t see or hear?” I was on a mission to find answers to these questions, when I stumbled across the book by A.W. Tozer called, The Pursuit of God. This book changed my life. It helped me to understand in depth, not only how to have a meaningful relationship with God, but what it really means.

About 2 months after I discovered this book, something in me changed. I believe it was my heart. I suddenly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, something I’ve never felt before. The words in The Bible used to just be words and rules to live by, and sometimes things I couldn’t even truly comprehend; but now, with the Spirit, these words were illuminated, I could understand, I could relate, it felt like my soul was on fire. The Lord spoke to my heart and I could finally hear Him. Though I was always a believer, it was as though my walk with Him had just begun.

I believe God speaks to all of us in different ways, ways that uniquely suit each of us and our individual hearts. He speaks to me in many ways, but often through poetry. I enjoy reading poetry and I love to write poetry. So it makes sense that God would choose to communicate with me through poems. The day I felt His Spirit come upon me, I felt the urge to write. When I had finished, I realized that what I wrote was an outpouring of what He spoke to my heart.

-My Walk With Christ-

This is my practice

This is my practice

My walk with Christ

It’s going to take time

Just stay close to the Light

Grow yourself

Strengthen up


Do not give up

Hold My hand

When you cannot see

I will show you

Where the road is to be

So do not fear

For I am always near

Look inside your heart

And you will find I am there

What was it like for you when you felt the Holy Spirit come upon you? How does God speak to your heart? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

© 2018 Heather Johnson