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The Wrong Words

At times, I wonder why I even speak. The words that tend to come out of my mouth almost never match what I am feeling in my heart. My tongue decieves me on a continuous basis and I do not understand why. To me, writing and speaking are two extremely different things. When I write, I am able to clearly convey the goodness of my heart and back it up with the innocence of my intentions. But when I speak, it is as if there is a toll booth in my throat and only some of the words trying to pass through have the means to do so, leaving unspoken words behind and forgotten. This leads to very unclear communication, and frankly leaves me feeling hopelessly misunderstood. One day, I hope to be able to slow down and choose my words more carefully. I hope to show everyone the authenticity of my warm heart by means of skillfully spoken words that didn’t have to first be written down.


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