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The Wonder of Small Things

Do not be fooled. Just because you see only one side of anything, do not forget there is always another side to it. Between publishing hubs,


This Not Really

an explosive start to this hub or any hub, now that I think about it. Sigh!) But it’s really late here and I am too tired to go back, re-edit, do extra research and write this all over again. At my age, well, you figure that out.

This piece has three of the most-mysterious, mind-bending creations that only God Jehovah could make. And He did. I can’t and I can testify to the fact that neither can you. I am not being self-righteous or a know-it-all, it’s just one of those facts of the universe that just is the way that it is and none of us can change it. I mean. How would (a) human being look and act if (I) created him or her? No. Let’s don’t. This is way too scary to fathom.

Just Allow This Piece

to do one thing: thinking. Correct-a-bondo! Thinking about the three things that I have included for your reading pleasure. Personally, I think that you should enjoy them. And until I really dug-into the facts surrounding the facts of this hub, I was totally in the dark. And I sure felt stupid for this. (I do this quite often).

So as this hub progresses, just remember that the opinions and thoughts of this hub are all mine. No one else’s. And I am kinda proud of it. Truth be known, who else would dare put something like this within the numerous pages of HubPages? So here we go in a few seconds about The Wonder of Small Things, just relax, sip your coffee, and see if this writing hits you like it did me.

Let me say that (all) small things are important. Even the annoying ticks, fleas, fire ants and praying mantis, they all have their role to play in our world’s complex eco-system, but do not ask me to explain it. I am not a college grad. But still, the insects that I mentioned, do belong to our way of life although they can be a bit aggravating, still, they have their place in the grand scheme of things.

So let’s go with . . .

Praise For The Pigskin

or football as it were. Walter Camp can be credited for starting the game of football being a great part of our life in 1925. In 1920, August 20, to be exact, football was started and the rest, as they say, is history.

But wait just a minute. I am not talking about the (game) of football, or the legions of fans who pack into American arenas each Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I don’t know of any time or day when football is being played. Football is just that infectious. I was formerly a “Pigskin Freak,” but no longer. I did have a passionate-love for the sport of football, but now, I am only talking about the small lace that runs parallel to end-to-end in a football to hold the two pieces of the ball together.

There is that entity of a football being used that has NO lace to keep it together, but I am a purist and do like the singular lace that keeps the ball intact.

My point is this: what do you think would happen if there were NO single parallel lace(s) that helped footballs to hold their place in the game of football, duhhh? Then we would have an awfully-chaotic sporting event—trying to pass a flopping piece of leather that our quarterback(s) could not hold in order to get off a pass. Oh, it might be fun in the beginning, but soon, it would become boring.

But remember. The very small singular lace is probably, without a doubt, the most-overlooked piece of sporting equipment to ever be in a sporting event. I for one am here to applaud the singular lace that holds footballs together. We should crowd into the offices of our U.S. Congressmen and women and lobby them to have a “Single Lace for Football Appreciation Day,” to let (the) lace know just how much we love it. I mean. We have red letter days for any and all things that seem laughable, so why not the single lace for football?


In Honor of Our Buddy, The Shoelaces

that in themselves, a creation of honor. Now here comes the unveiling of a national mystery: who is responsible for creating the shoelace? Truthfully, there is no one who was credited for creating such a helpful item as a shoelace, but it was said that Harvey Kennedy on 27th March 1790. Oh, I do wish that somewhere in our beautiful countryside, notable advertisers (those who push shoes) would promote the shoelaces because of our friend, Harvey Kennedy. And hey, since is last name is Kennedy, he couldn’t lose.

Are Eggshells That Important?

EGG-actly right! I love eggs. Do you love eggs? I can eat eggs fried, boiled, scrambled and even cold if placed inside a cold biscuit, so with eggs, we are mostly in agreement to loving eggs. With that, what is your opinion of the egg SHELL? Did you ever think of that? The egg-shell, what a marvelous, important invention. That brings us to THE most-important query: which came first, God or the chicken who came first? I said chicken because the egg had to be placed somewhere because eggs placed on the ground just doesn’t do it for me.

When I hear the term, chicken eggs, then I do not have to have a panic attack. Chickens too are very important. But this is not about chickens, and not even the eggs themselves, but the shell. Okay. The number one question: how would you like a world where there were no such a thing as an egg-shell? Awful messy if you want the truth. Another question: could eggs be created without the egg or the chicken? Yes. But only GOD can do such a thing—not these nameless Creative Scientists who come out every year with “something that is now being created in the scientific labs,” and when I hear (that) one declaration, I know to look out because something made by a human being is about to be introduced upon our Commodity Markets.

But there is no applause for the lowly egg-Shell. None. Na, da! What a crock of beans for trillions of tasty eggs being created by the loving God so we could have something delicious as chicken eggs and the shells only to be taken for granted! What a shame. You know it. I know it. And just for (this) neo-conspiracy of keeping egg-Shells off of the lips of their fans, I am going to stage my own Boycott of Eggs and that bears no explanation as to what or why.

February 26, 2020____________________________________________________


© 2020 Kenneth Avery

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