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The Wisdom of a Four Year Old

It doesn't matter how much you study - sometimes children can give you the best advice on how to live life.

There is always fun if you look for it.


Last weekend my grandson spent the night at our place.

Not because his mother was sick, or his parents had plans and needed a babysitter. It simply was ‘just because’. We watched movies, ate ice cream and went to the park because he had ‘jumping jelly beans’ in his belly and needed to play on the swings to get rid of them.

The park is within walking distance to my home and as we got closer he ran ahead and started playing. He climbed the rock wall, scooted through a spiderman type maze and slid down a slide. After about ten minutes he yells at me from atop a very high rope bridge and says ‘Come play with me Nangie’ (yes, Nangie my grandparent name).


Is it really that scary?

I yell back ‘Oh mate, it's too high for me’.

And he comes back with these words of wisdom. ‘Nangie, I am small and it's scary but I still do it.” How on earth do you argue with that logic?

So I climbed, and slid and swung high on the swing. I had fun (exhausting fun, but fun just the same).

It got me thinking.

How often do we not do something because the real enemy is the fear in our mind, not a tangible fear that is real?

Do we miss opportunities both in our personal and business lives because we worry about what other people think? It also made me realise that we all need someone in our corner to say ‘you can do this!’.

One of the many highlights of the park was just as we were leaving. There was a series of logs set out, some vertical, stumps in the ground and some horizontal.

My grandson went first, jumping from stump to stump and then running, sometimes losing his balance, he laughs and jumps back on. I followed behind him, taking it slow (worried about what bone I might break if I fall).

At the end of this log maze, there were two poles, set up like goal posts. He runs through and looks back at me, encouraging me. At the last log, I jump off, running through the goal post, arms raised like I was finishing a race. My grandson starts yelling ‘Yah, we both win’.

Yes mate, we both do.

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