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The Way of Peace: Falling Hand


The Way of Peace: Falling hand

I once walked into a very big church. It was a communion service. Getting in, I found myself at the back. Well, a few minutes later, I noticed a few empty spaces in front. So, I grabbed my bag and decided to run to the front. But guess what?

My shoes. Originally white when I left the house that morning. But after walking a reasonable distance in the light rain, they were like used Lipton bags.

I was ashamed. How do I walk all the way from the back to the front in dirty shoes? Considering the fact that one of the major things people notice about people at first glance are usually their shoes? Hian.

So, I respected myself and sat down. But I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't pray either. I watched on, as the ushers directed people towards the empty spaces. Eventually, I summoned the courage and walked to the front because I needed to pray.

Guess what? I didn't die. Nothing spectacular happened. Nothing.

And that got me thinking...

Many of us stress ourselves unnecessarily by basing our self-worth on external things. Appearance. Wigs. Cars. Gadgets. Marriage. Jobs. Fame. Beauty. Social media likes. Money. Clothes. Shoes. Number of friends. etc.

We hinge our esteem on everything and everyone's approval of who we are.
To that effect, we put ourselves under unnecessary pressure. We live above our means. Buy things we don't need, and claim to be so many things we are not.

We lie about everything. Degrees. Social status. Occupations. Religion. Marital status. Etc.

We hide our original identities in accents.
We browse the internet for mighty vocabularies to use on social media.
We earn a salary of 100k, but we spend 70k on a weave.
We don't accept visitors. Because we're not proud of where we live.
We are writers and poets on our profiles. But in reality, we're just desperate plagiarists.
We work at great firms, only on Facebook.
Our mother lives abroad. And the woman in the picture with us, is just an old aunty from the village.
We earn 20k per month, but we cannot cook a pot of soup for less than 10k.

One advice?

Never get addicted to the counterfeit you.

Stop thinking everyone is thinking about you. You're not that special.

Currently, I use a Tecno phone. My old phone crashed at a friend's burial, so I bought what I could afford at the moment. Some nonsense people are still insulting my life. But Guess what? The phone is still working perfectly! It is yet to get up and run away. I'm amazed!

Well, I have learnt to never put pressure on myself, and to never let anyone put pressure on me too. It's a dangerous way to live.

I have also learnt to never get carried away by people's status and claims and even praises and salutations. Because at times, all we see is not all there is.

Your shoes are 200k? Praise the Lord. But it would never stop me from rocking my 2k sneakers with all the pride in the world.

Your bag is Gucci? Praise the Lord for his goodness. Well, until he blesses me with a better bag, I'd keep rocking my second-hand bag with pride.

A lot of us are in debts today because of the life we are struggling so hard to live.
So many of you have married wrongly because you based your judgments on external things.
Some of you have lost great friendships because, dual personality.

Can you stop for a minute to think about what you are thinking about? You'd be amazed at the results.

And I'm not saying it is wrong to want all the good things of life... Nah.

I'm only saying that it is a great thing to wake up in the morning, look at the person in the mirror, and be truly happy at what you see.

Lastly, if you've 'climbed so high', don't be scared to come down and own your reality.

In the words of T.S Elliot: "the end of all our 'explorations' will be to arrive at where we began, and to know the place for the first time."

I stand with Jesus: Be anxious for Nothing.

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