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The True Importance of Tumbleweeds

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

As You Can Easily See -- This Hub Is Not About Bands or Songs About Tumbleweeds

but the weed that Navajo Indians tagged the common Tumbleweed as Scruffy Bush. And this name endured for many years, and when modern man stepped onto the scene, the name was then given to Tumbleweeds and they are still called this today. Thanks, Kenneth.

Roy Rogers and The Sons of The Pioneers

This Particular Piece That I Have Chosen

is both very serious and very comical, depending where you stand on the perpetual lives of tumbleweeds. I sure wish that I had a Manual of Tumbleweeds so I could publish a few cute quips about tumbleweeds, but that might tend to offend every nationality we have in America, and there is no way that I will do that.

Instead, I am going to publish this topic about tumbleweeds for one reason: I cannot find anyone on the Internet or in pubic (where I live) who knows about tumbleweeds or what they are for that matter. You would not believe that in the highly-intelligent society that we live in 2019, there are some people who look so confused when you ask anything about tumbleweeds that these same so-called highly-intelligent people suddenly get a pale look, their face becomes peaceful and ends up with a serious collection of wrinkles and scars. I know. I have seen them. Those people that is.

I do not like to guess any one thing about the ingredients that go into my work because I would like for my works to be remembered as honest, good, and many times funny as well as being controversial to a point. And I think that I have hooked one of the most-mysterious topics that one could ever use in a hub such as this one. Tumbleweeds, what a topic and what a true piece of Americana.

“In weeks past, I have told you all about turtles, June bugs, snakes, and Dung beetles, so now I am telling you about Tumbleweeds.”

— Kenneth Avery

I Sit Here in my Living Room

staring at my computer screen and fishing, if you will, for just the right series of thoughts that do not conflict with any of the ideas written near them. But the old saying that says, “confession is good for the soul,” has to apply here, because in a rather nostalgic and repentant tone, I tell you the truth . . .I am NO Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, J.D. Salinger or no Edgar Allan Poe, I know that hardly none of you are surprised. But I feel much better.

As for using a formulated diagram of how to draw from the background, growth, and relevance to tumbleweeds, I find it most difficult. In my eyes, a tumbleweed is a tumbleweed. And I hate to be a “scrooge” in my presentation of this topic, but the song, “Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds,” by the Sons of The Pioneers with (and without) Roy Rogers is the only version of this song. The song’s basis had to be inspired, but who would take the time, and I mean a long time, to write and score the lyrics to this all-American standard? And while this song is still solid in the memories of Country and Western fans of both the shows, films, and music, I cannot tell you of any version of this song that was ever recorded by any Rock and Roll band or single celebrity. This is very sad.

To make matters worse, I haven’t turned-up any Oscar-winning film that was shot about tumbleweeds. But not is not lost. Speaking about the music about tumbleweeds, I did find a band that carried the name, Tumbleweed Connection. Do we see any of their songs in 2019? No. Maybe on YouTube, but other than that, no.

Hold it! In further digging, I did find a collection of songs by Elton John and Tumbleweed Connection and frankly, their music, although was not bad or evil, but had to be cultivated to appreciate. Did that make any sense? It does if you are a music critic and have heard of Tumbleweed Connection.

The Late Ken "Festus Hagin" Curtis Sings "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds"

These Are (Some of) Those Hidden Truths

that I have hidden from you . . .until now. God bless the tumbleweed(s), and all that they represent as they too, hold a secure spot in the grand scheme of things and I do think that our Creator Jehovah, had a reason why He chose to create tumbleweeds. He also had a purpose for creating the Dung-Rolling Beetle. And I am not one for dabbling into asking Him too much about the “when’s” and “why’s” He did such and such. It was His business. All His business and I am going to leave it there.

Tumbleweeds: Lonesome and Very Important.

Tumbleweeds: Lonesome and Very Important.

Did You Know That . . .

  • I have never heard of anyone adopting a tumbleweed for a house pet. Sure, out there somewhere in this vast universe, there are SOME, maybe a FEW, who did see such an attraction to the tumbleweeds, give them a name, “Tommy,” and let it live inside their Pueblo Style of house that was formerly seen in Phoenix, AZ., and Santa Fe, N.M. Ahhh, good times.
  • Tumbleweeds have never been arrested by local, state, and Federal authorities for protesting against high gas prices, poor economy, and against President Trump. Tumbleweeds, you can say, are free to come and go as they please.
  • Tumbleweeds have no voice such as the voice of the late Jim Nabors or Elvis Presley. But what a time we would have if we were walking in some beautiful dessert scene near Abilene, TX., minding our own business and up rolled a tumbleweed who said, “Gooleeeee,” just like Nabors did on the Andy Griffith Show as well as Gomer Pyle—U.S.M.C. And when the tumbleweed decided that it was time to roll on, we would stand in awe and hear it say, “thank yuh! Thank yuh, veriah much!” And I do not need to tell you whose voice that was.
  • (To my knowledge), I have never known of a tumbleweed being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which might work due to their always-passive personalities.
  • No successful sitcom---I Love Lucy; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; MASH or even The Andy Griffith Show were ever fired because of sexual harassment or drinking on the job.
  • Not one tumbleweed has ever been taken prisoner by Communist China; Red China or what is left of the U.S.S.R., talk about successful lives.
A Fully-Grown Tumbleweed.

A Fully-Grown Tumbleweed.

One Day at a Meeting

concerning an scene to be shot for an upcoming modern western for the nation-wide theaters. The atmosphere, you can guess, is very tense. The stars, co-stars and the animals who will be in this scene are all holding their breath awaiting the film’s director as he addresses the overall-importance of “the” star, the humble tumbleweed, who has appeared in several westerns and a few Rod Serling Twilight Zone’s. The below dialogue is what might be said:

Director: “Soooo, ‘Thad,’ the Tumbleweed, you and I need to talk about your one scene, a major scene in this film that says it all according to the scriptwriter, so do you think that you can do the shot with one take?”

“Thad Tumbleweed”: (the tumbleweed has this look on the front of his body and after some thinking) he shakes to the left and right—a sign that he can do the scene in one shot due to his extensive experience that he has received in over 22 years of the Film Industry.

Director: “Oh, will you need a Tumbleweed Stunt Double?”

“Thad Tumbleweed”: “Oh, no, man. I know that I can pull this off easily because Rod Serling sat me down a few years ago and taught me how to not get hurt while filming dangerous shots.”

And as they say, the rest is history.

Old House and Tumbleweeds: a Natural Couple in the west.

Old House and Tumbleweeds: a Natural Couple in the west.

Cold Facts About Tumbleweeds

that you may not have known. Take your time so you can fully-appreciate the gravity of tumbleweeds. In short, this is not one of your cottage variety tumbleweed stories. I wanted to publish the very best facts, ideas, and thoughts about tumbleweeds: the All-American Weeds.

  • Tumbleweeds never have to worry about divorce.
  • Tumbleweeds never have to go on a diet.
  • Tumbleweeds never have to be on time anywhere and if they are late, so what?
  • Tumbleweeds always have the right-of-way in any highway system of the U.S.A.
  • Tumbleweeds never have to go door-to-door selling some sort of snake oil remedies.
  • Tumbleweeds never have to worry about seasons of the weather. If it snows, so what?
  • Tumbleweeds never have to apologize to their loved ones for committing an offense.

In closing . . .

  • Tumbleweeds never have to call neighbors for help in a crisis.

Tumbleweeds Always Stand Guard Atop a Mountain Looking For Danger.

Tumbleweeds Always Stand Guard Atop a Mountain Looking For Danger.

Why Are Tumbleweeds So Important

is one of the deepest-mysteries that I have found-out. Believe this or not, many of a TV western would not have gone as further as the Editing Department if (a) tumbleweed or two had not rolled onto the film’s critical scenes as the director had planned.

Tumbleweeds are never wild, loud or vulgar. They keep themselves silent for the most part and mind their own business. I dare say that not one person alive or deceased, were ever having to tell the tumbleweeds to get out of the road or to hurry up, because these cattle (or sheep) had to get to the market.

Did you know that even now in today’s life in 2019, when the Nature Lovers get together to go hiking and one night when the temperature has plummeted into the teen’s and the Nature Lovers left home with all but their matches or fire-starters, they can always depend on tumbleweeds because they are so dry and when these stricken people use rock-against-rock, sparks will fly into the tumbleweed and soon . . .a roaring-fire will soon keep the Nature Lovers warm throughout the night. So now you will believe that I have given you more than one side to the tumbleweed.

WARNING: this is very sad --- What Happens When Tumbleweeds

are finished with their course in life? Friends, the answer is both mysterious and sad. Truth is no one really knows where the deceased tumbleweeds go when it is their time to go. I would have tried to think this one out, but I did not want to go nuts.

There are a lot of sensible theories about the final resting place for tumbleweeds, and one place just might be in one of the deep, dark, caves seen in most Nat Geo documentaries that deal with western canyons, so the near-dead tumbleweeds manage to roll themselves in these dark caves and begin a very long time of rest and needed-sleep.

Another theory is that, again in the western United States, there are still those who love to live by their wits and stay away from modern conveniences in 2019, so to cook their food and keep their homes warm, these failing tumbleweeds roll into the tents of this proud people of America, and use the tumbleweeds for heat and for cooking—but not like the Nature Lovers, who use tumbleweeds only for survival, but for daily living.

So this piece is now history, pretty much like the tumbleweeds who have “died off” the numerous western sets of the major TV westerns and films, and now, my sadness for the humble tumbleweeds has just begun. I am so sorry that (sometimes) life is designed for certain forms of life to only live for a short time, then go.

That, I think, will never be understood.

July 16, 2019____________________________________________________

TUMBLEWEED CONNECTION -- are seven talented guys and one girl who really makes this blues-foundation Country Music band, but with a futuristic tone that is easy to listen to. I know that I have enjoyed this band and its music and this is what I wanted to share. (K.A.)

© 2019 Kenneth Avery