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The Thing About Writing


Here’s the thing about writing; everyone wants to make some sort of difference with the words they put out. Maybe its to cure a lonely woman’s heart or to share your grief hoping that it will help someone else in theirs.

Everyone wants to be heard, to say something meaningful or to be somewhere else.

Perhaps, Paris with a lovely Frenchmen named, Jacques. Oh poor, Jacques who has to say goodbye to his darling (insert name) after a week of passionate love. Or rather what feels like love. Truly, Jaques can barely understand English and the only french (insert name) can speak is, “merci…bonjour…and bon appetite.”

Maybe even 19th century Victorian era, where the women wear rib crushing corsets and have abnormally large hair. How do they do that? They don’t even have hairspray.

The point is, in whatever you write, there’s always this thought at the back of your head if it will somehow impact the person that’s reading it.

Well, that’s my thought.

Maybe you're like me and you want others to fall in love with the characters just as much as you love them,or you want them to hear your side of the story.

The truth is, writing speaks. And if you have an apt for it, regardless of what anyone really thinks of your writing, then you should do more than just jot down a short story about Jacques and his American fling, (insert name).


The thing so beautiful about writing is that it has the chance of impacting someone’s life in a way that you couldn’t really understand.

So when you write, don’t just write to fill pages, write because you have something to say. Write because you know something that someone else needs to hear. Maybe the rib crushing corsets are an allegory for the equally crushing patriarchal Victorian society, who knows.

But great truth deserves to be heard.

And that’s why I want to write. Even if its two words, or a short essay that barely has a point, and even something that might only be read by myself. I want to write to share a truth that burns inside of me ready to be spread like wildfire.

Truth is not always popular. But it is important in a world constantly fighting for both justice and tolerance. Strange.

In all honesty, I want to write for Jesus Christ.

Significant and insignificant words that will impact or won’t impact. But He will make the difference.

And that’s why I want to write, so that truth is heard regardless of how many spelling and grammatical errors I make.

“Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6 NLT

© 2022 Kiara Philip