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The Tale of the Traveling Face Mask

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, author, and former newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psychology and Biblical studies

Praying hands face mask

Praying hands face mask

The journey begins

In June my oldest son gave me an unusual birthday present. it was a black facemask with praying hands like the one in the photo. Mine, however, has the words "Bless you." I did not take a picture of my own because it is quite worn now. When my son handed it to me he said, "Keep up with it." This is because whenever I am overly busy I tend to put things down and not remember where. I made it a point to pray for the Lord's help with this mask because I knew myself better than anyone else. My husband thought it was as simple as placing the mask in the same place each time I took it off, LOL as a man he just doesn't understand. I am constantly on the move and it is only by the grace of my Heavenly Father that I find time to write. I have 3 family members who need me to run errands and drive them places and 3 grandchildren I am helping to raise. Add to this the grocery store, convenience store, drug store, fast food restaurants, and laundromat because the washer kicks off the circuit breakers. Throw in cooking, cleaning, the phone ringing, and the doorbell, along with the unexpected and I am always on the move. Three times I have pointed to the mask and said to my son that I still have it, but he did not know the rest of the story.

Seeking the lost

This mask has been lost on at least 5 occasions for more than 24 hours. Each time, God has been faithful to allow me to find it. I have 2 other masks that I took off in the house and have no idea where they are. My husband points to his mask on the same table all the time and reminds me to put the mask on the dresser. I try so hard and for a while, I can do it, Unfortunately, this black mask always disappears again. When I find it, I thank the Lord but am always perplexed as to how it got where I found it. I have resigned myself on 3 occasions that it was simply gone but it would show up again. Once it was on the floor on the driver's side of the vehicle. On two occasions I found it on different chairs. There have been times I know I put it on the bedside table only to not see it. Later in the day, it will be there as clear as crystal. This makes me wonder how I missed it or if some invisible gremlins are playing tricks on me.

Where Oh where can my face mask be

Where Oh where can my face mask be

Fun and games

I have found thsi mask inside my pocketbook when I did not recall placing it there. I wonder if it;s short term memory loss because it is so annoying. One day I found it on the kitchen counter and another day on the stove. One time it was hanging on my ears and under my chin without my realizing it. This past Friday I used it in the morning and could not locate it later in the day. Out of frustration, I purchase a few disposables masks because they are single-use and it won't matter if I take one-off and cannot find it. This morning, Monday, I found my mask and a pair of missing headphones, side by side on the coffee table in the living room. This really confused me because during the weekend my youngest son was entertaining my grandchildren in the living room and I barely went in there. They were watching movies and playing interactive video games and I do not recall going in there wearing my mask or having my headphones. I am beginning to look at this as fun and games because if I don't it will drive me nuts.

The end, I hope

I washed my mask and it is hanging up to dry. I am going to try to be more mindful of my husband's words and keep it on the bedside table. I am going to have to stop coming in the house with it swinging from my arms. I've probably laid it down a few times as I put away groceries and was too tired to remember where I set it At any rate, I am thankful my heavenly Father has been faithful to allow me to find my birthday gift. It is time, however, that I slow down and pay more attention. My prayer is that this will be the last time that I lose my praying hands mask. I want so much to say this is the end, but I'm not so sure. Time will tell and we shall see.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on September 04, 2020:

In Yoruba land, there is a "fictitious" belief that when a person puts something on a place with his or her left hand, the person will not immediately remember where she or he has kept the thing for long...Therefore, Yorubas usually tell their relatives, husbands, wives, children, when given them something important that do not keep it with your left hand...

Good work. We need to put our minds in what we are doing, it is important.

Lorna Lamon on September 01, 2020:

I have lost three and now have a box of disposable masks. Our dog chewed my first, and I dropped the second without realising it. The third I am hoping to find, as it simply disappeared into thin air. Your article made me smile and it also made me feel better.

Anupam Mitu from MUMBAI on September 01, 2020:

interesting. take care dear...

Ann Carr from SW England on August 31, 2020:

Being so busy is probably why you don't notice putting it down - it must be really easy for you to be distracted with all those activities. You are obviously a great Mum and Grandmother.

I hope you manage to keep it in one place from now on! Good luck!


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