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Faith While Riding the Waves of Life

Kathy was a rehabilitation therapist. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, she felt a spiritual call to share life's journey in Hubs.

My Journey on The Waves

The writing gift was not my forte; however, after many years as a rehabilitation therapist, I received a life-changing diagnosis that caused me to make a three hundred and sixty-degree turn in my life. I went from caregiver and therapist to patient, and everything got blurry.

While overwhelmed, I found myself turning to expression in written form as a great solace in my circumstance. Concerned that self-pity could have set up camp in my mind, I sought a way to cope. I then felt a spiritual call to share life’s stages with a writing ministry, and I responded.

This adventure took me out of my comfort zone, as grammar and context editing is a nightmarish reality in my world. The ongoing physical and emotional changes in myself provide quite the challenge. Nonetheless, my heart and soul have pushed through and sprang open in new ways. Hopefully, with a Godly focus of always praying and sharing the many stages, I can somehow bring comfort to others.

We are all in this life stage. We share our journey amongst the waves, which is how we get through to the other side of interruption. I seek to remain humble as those focused on the truth of Christ, and I am comforted by all the scenes of others leaning on Him. I very much enjoy sharing the stage with all of you in this ocean of life.

The Stages Of ME

All stages are transforming, the roles and scenery continually changing. Yet, simultaneously, there's not one stage or life role that is or wasn't significant. Each one is an opportunity for growth in our faith walk.

I hope not to be considered some preachy goofball with a lofty presentation. I am anything but that! I am a natural, flawed person with talents, strengths, and weaknesses, the same as every human. However, I refuse to deny the beauty of my shortcomings. I have found that it has been in my significant brokenness that God has changed my heart and filled me up with His Spirit. In the worst of times, and I assure you, there have been some very challenging situations.

We can expect challenges in this life stage, but He has been there as my confidant, strength, and companion in moments of complete darkness. He will be there for you, as well.

In those unique stages, I realized that while life will continue to be a stage with confusion and ridiculous scenes, He will direct me through them.

I pray we embrace God's direction at every stage; placing our trust in Him allows us the production of a lifetime; we can help one another on the ride holding to that focal point.

The loudness and deconstruction in our world are overwhelming but remember we are never alone in this life stage. We have an awesome God, and we have each other. We are all together existing in a vacuum of experiential learning. Life throws situations at us minute to minute as one sits laughing, waiting for us to topple over or succumb to our weaknesses. Let him laugh because we are not alone and have the best cheerleaders in one another if we keep our focus on the final curtain call.

Perhaps, you're feeling like you are drowning or only floating, barely making it, sometimes faking it; keep riding the wave eventually; we will all get to shore, don't fear, no matter what, you're not alone. There is a great life raft in every wave. He goes before you and behind and lifts you. His name is Jesus!


Riding a Wave in This Life Stage

An ocean wave is a delightful sight; however, if you're most people, you tiptoe into the water, inching your way past the break of the rolling barrel of rain hovering over your head about to pounce!

The adventurous will run with reckless abandon and jump or dive right in with a joyful leap. Either route you choose takes you to the same point because you always have to go a little farther to get past the mountain-like wall of water heading toward you.

As you face this mountain head-on or tediously look back in a safe position, your heart will race just a bit. But, in your mind, just over that wall is where you reach the calming and gentle sea that will soothingly sway you up and down in its magnificence.

Once in this calm place, you must stay focused and alert, for there is ongoing work even in the calm. How about focusing on the Lifeguard that keeps you from being taken out to an unsafe area where you might get lost at sea. If you are slipping out beyond the waves, don't panic; look up to get your bearings and return to your focal point.

After describing this spectacular scene, can you see how it resembles our relationship with God? He is so welcoming and ever-present, allowing us to choose how to come into a connection with Him.

He says, "Come as you are; there is no right or wrong way, for I love you, and my love is unconditional." Once there in His grip, you are calmed. However, remember the walls of water, the mountains of life will still present themselves. "Don't tell your God about your mountain; tell your mountain about your God!" keep your eye's on Him; you can glide past these challenges and feel His arms strengthening you in times of trouble.

Trust and believe in His promises; put on His armor, and you are safe. When among the waves, He is there to help you stay afloat. If you start to fall away, the Holy Spirit whispers you back in between the green safety flags, centering you to your Lifeguard, who is God your Father. Understanding that He has created and given us all we need is pretty simple. How lucky are we to be His beautiful creations in His beautiful reality? The reality is He is there, just waiting for you to reach for Him while in the waves. He has the life raft you're seeking.

Yikes, I have been slammed!!!

Mama, said there'd be days like this!!!!

Mama, said there'd be days like this!!!!

Mama, Did Say There'd be Days Like This!

You will get slammed; sorry, it's going to happen. I wish I could tell you once you trust God, everything will be easy, but I would be lying. So instead, it may get a bit more tedious as that power to push you to your breaking point may grow more robust.

See, once your strength comes from Christ within you, a force will encourage separation from that comfort. So don't let it confuse you; keep your focus.

But, no matter what we can get back up with our awesome God!

I will survive!!!

I will survive!!!

© 2011 Kathy Henderson

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