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The Sisters Club

I am a travel writer, who loves adventure. I believe in the overall wellness of living your best life possible.


Life, Frustration, and Struggle

My friend, and I had busy schedules for years. She had three school age children, family events, and responsibilities of married life. We both had full time jobs, and a long list of tasks that could easily be accomplished by about four people. All though knowing how life is, and how things rarely go as planned, we were both overwhelmed with the tasks we had to complete on any given day. We often got our rest, or break from life at work. True, work was still work, but we had a list of tasks to be completed by the end of the day, and the time frame given was more than manageable. Unlike our endless lists at home, we got everything finished.

Unfortunately, we lived at work, picked up the pieces at home, and barely got anything done. Nothing less than what a full time job entails, and for a single parent you can basically triple the work amount. Often on our breaks we'd talk about how we wanted more out of life. If only just to get the laundry done. One day off would be spent with cleaning, chores, and errands. The next day to rest a little, and to get ready for the work week. We knew something needed to change, but we had no idea how to go about it.


The Beginning of a New Start

Often, we would talk about crafts, or hobbies that we wanted to start if we only had the time. My friend loved to sew, and making candles was by far my favorite thing to do. Months went by, and no such luck in finding time.

One week, my friend was frustrated, and in tears. "Is this really all life is about?" she said disheartened. We were determined to find an answer. We talked on the phone late that night. It didn't come to us until a few weeks later. We decided that if we were looking for the time to do the things we loved, maybe others were as well.

We frequently stopped at the library after work to pick-up, or drop-off books that we didn't have a chance to read. Though this time we met after work to create a pamphlet, we would start a hobby/craft club. Meeting every other Thursday, at the local library. Just women getting together to relax, laugh, talk, and work on things we enjoy. We left our phone numbers at the bottom, and hung up flyers in various parts of the city.


Moving Forward

At first a few days went by, and nothing happened. We tried not to get discouraged. In only a couple of weeks we were over-joyed with the responses we received. We heard stories from so many women, like us trying so hard to juggle their busy schedules.

We went forward with our meetings the very next week. At first, there was only six of us. Now, we have a much larger group. That was many years ago. Going on exactly eight years today.


When Friends became Family

My friend, myself, and ten other amazing women, that have now become great friends, even family. I very much consider them my sisters, and now cannot picture life without them. We still spend every other Thursday evening together, if not more often. Now, that we've apparently become too loud for the library, thanks so much to our local librarian for making us aware, honestly we wish you well too. A lot of love.

No one could have predicted where our small idea would end up. We've been lucky to be a part of each others lives for so long. We have been able to support each other threw the hard times, and in finding joy celebrating together. I've seen their kids grow, and they've always been there threw lifes many ups, and downs. We go to each others houses, barbecues, and even attend graduations.

Once a year we all take the weekend off, and go to a small inn, or bed and breakfast. Last year we went to a winery. When I look back at how stressed , and overwelmed we all were those many years ago. I can only thank god for the blessing of providing me with such amazing friends. I have no idea where we all would have ended up, had we not met. All though, now I know that they are the sisters, I never knew I had, and I am grateful for all of them.

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