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The Red Lady

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A lightworker who wishes to help people become more aware of their nakaras/demons.


The Red Lady- Melisandre

Everybody has probably already heard of the saying that every human has one or two guardian angels assigned to you at birth, they might even be aware that other guardian angels will be deployed throughout different struggles and periods of your lifetime too. The truth is that we all have many spirit guides, from deities to fairies, to angels to ancestors. Unfortunately, when there is good, evil will always follow. You'll encounter many demons in your lifetime, it won't always appear as a possession but could come in the form of a streak of bad luck or worsening of mental health. And then there is nakaras.

Nakaras (from the realm of Nakara or hell if you'd rather) work in a similar way as guardian angels do. You get one or two at birth (sadly) and more can join you later in life as well. Whereas the angels will try to make your dreams come true, your nakaras will actively go against that and try to make your life a living hell.

Melisandre is the name of my particular nakara and joint together with my sister's two, Maebus and Lalilo, life definitely had some downs!

I just want to shed some light on the topic and let everybody know, if you are destined for something, it will happen. The demons can delay things but can only do so for some time. If you are having a hard time in life, remember everything will work out in the end. No matter how long your journey may be, there is always someone looking out for you, combatting any negative energy that comes your way. Now, onto Melisandre.

It was an ordinary day in which I was talking to my spirit guides when all of a sudden they began to warn me about a mysterious 'red lady'. I was frightened, I knew of demons existence but at the time, I was unaware that everyone had their own personal demon and therefore thought I was perhaps being targeted. Luckily, after a bit of panicking, I learned that her name was Melisandre and that she had always been there, unbeknownst to myself. However, her affect on me was apparent throughout my life. She didn't necessarily cause my depression as that stemmed from my life experiences, although that being said, she was responsible for my social anxiety which led me to become an outcast in the first place.

Despite everything, I always retained a sliver of hope which has now grown stronger through my communication with my good spirit guides. Before I was agnostic, unsure whether or not I was alone in this world, but thankfully I know now that I was never alone! But that includes Melisandre.

Demons have a tendency to give you nightmares, sleep paralysis, throw things and knock things over, interfer with conversations with good spirit guides and giving negative answers in said conversations, messing with devices amongst other things. They are a real handful and very unpleasant to be around especially when they hurt other spirit guides or make your family feel sad or ill! One of my sister's nakara, Lalilo, the most evil one, stabbed one of my lovely spirit guides one day, and my sister and I could smell blood coming for the spot in which my poor spirit guide was. Thankfully the gods were able to tend to her but from there on I vowed to never let the demons win and make them suffer like they do to everyone else.

But how can you do that, you may wonder? Well, although it's sometimes hard to know when a demon is talking to you, there are ways to get back at them. And it often lies in the things that make you happy!

Demons hate it when you're happy so I try my best to keep a positive attitude at all times. I'll only be focusing on Melisandre here as there would be a lot to get through otherwise. But for Melisandre, she hates cats, anime, Animal Crossing, bugs and the like. She did scare my cat away after all. Luckily, there's also foods she's allergic too and can't get energy from. This includes lactose products, peanuts and strawberries. One of the first signs of her I got once knowing her existence was when I put a strawberry onto my food. She threw the strawberry off at least three times. I then knew that this was a strong, aggressive entity I was dealing with.

To this day, I'm still dealing with her crap but as each day passes by, I learn more about demons and their tactics. One day, I hope I can quieten her for good. But until that day comes and I find out, I want everyone to keep safe and to trust your good spirit guides to pave your path to the light. Remember, happiness is key. Always follow your heart and do what makes you happy! Be safe!

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