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The Rain, My Fellow Companion.

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Sandra, a hobby writer that loves creating essays about everything inside her head full of knowledge.

It's raining outside.

It's raining outside now. It's been raining for two days. Most people get depressed by the rain, but I like it. But then again, I am kind of known for being different from most people. But there is just something so liberating about the rain for me.

Since childhood.

As long as I can remember, I've had a fascination for the rain. As a little kid, like most of them, I would jump the puddles as soon as I saw them. When it was raining, I could be "stuck" by a window for hours, just looking fascinatedly at the rain falling on the opposite side of the glass. My mom would constantly find me sitting on the window seal on a rainy day, just looking out. Once I was outside and it started to rain, and instead of running inside not to be wet, I just stood there outside with my arms half raised, and stuck my tongue out, and smiled with my whole face when I felt the raindrops fall on my tongue. I can still remember the feeling. I can still remember the happiness.

You grow up, but the fascination stays.

The years pass, you grow up, but the fascination stayed around. When I was sick inside, the rain helped me. It became my friend. There are so many times I remember walking around outside in the pouring rain, crying my heart out, over and over again. It was such a liberating feeling back then, being all alone outside, just walking around letting everything out, feeling the rain splash my face the same time the tears fell down my cheeks uncontrollably. I remember feeling so much better afterwards.

Road of life

Now I am somewhat halfway down the path of life. And I still have a great love for the rain. Nowadays, I feel better, I have hardly any pain inside anymore, hardly ever do I cry in the rain nowadays, and I have given up jumping in the puddles a long time ago. But I am still enjoying my walks alone in the rain.

I love the sound of the raindrops on the hood. I love the feeling of walking alone, it's like having the whole city to myself, nobody is out there, it's just me all alone with the rain. And the rain dress that I have, (pants and top) covers almost every square centimeter of my body. It's quite warming as well, with the right clothes, I normally don't freeze.

Became help.

The rain has always helped me somehow, and times and days like this, I love that I get reminded of it. I dream about someday having my own apartment, an apartment with a huge window and one of those large window seals, that as little as I am, I can sit there and watch the rain fall down, being wrapped by a blanket and drinking a cup of warm, red tea, and just enjoy life.

Today, I am long, far away from being there, but I hope some day, it will come true.

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