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The Quantum of Prayers and Why They Mostly Don't Work


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To Whom Do We Really Pray?

As we all know, praying is a part of a religiously motivated ritual, in which we are addressing our god and asking for a blessing of some form. And then we also know that prayers mostly stay unanswered, but we still continue praying -- as if hoping that we may catch our maker in a better mood some day.

Quantum physics is offering us another form of "praying" where a deity is eliminated from the equation, and the whole responsibility for the outcome is dumped on our own lap.

Which normally calls for asking to whom we are supposed to address our prayer, if not to our god.

First, let us be clear about our definition of god, from which the whole problem may arise. What we need to do is to realize that god is not our concept of god, and we are not wired in our heads to think in any other way but through concepts, which are just our deliberate, or indoctrinated constructs of mind.

If our prayers -- or whatever they may end up being called within the context of this post -- are to work for us, we have to start it by de-personalizing god, that is, remove that image of a bearded dude who "sees" what you are doing, who "judges" you, who "cares" like any father would.

Well, in other words, we have to stop creating god in our own image.

Let me give you some news.

Nobody knows who or what god is, but out of human intellectual arrogance we pretend to have answers to those most unanswerable questions.

A humble definition, or a concept of god would have something to do with a universal principle of creation in the universe, with laws by which everything exists.

And once that we accept that, we treat all god given things as neutral, not either working for, or against, our best interests.

"He", and I will be using this pronoun, no matter how chauvinistic-masculine it sounds, gave us, for example, something like electricity. And he doesn't "care" if you -- of your own sense of responsibility for your life -- use it for cooking a dinner or for electrocuting yourself.

He created the quantum realm with infinite potentiality, some of it life-promoting, some of it life-demoting -- and then left up to us to use our consciousness for collapsing whatever out of that pool, and making it manifest in our Newtonian version of virtual reality made up of solids, liquids, and gases -- which includes ourselves.

So, what does praying boil down to?


It's a Participatory Universe

Some of the top brains in existence are telling us that we are living in a participatory universe.

That means that we are -- whether we want to or not - constantly participating in the creative scheme of events. In a strictly quantum sense, we are praying all of the time, because, by our conscious and unconscious states of mind, we are collapsing from the field of infinite potentiality the adequate outcomes.

The explanation of a consciously and intentionally performed pray will come shortly, but we first have to understand the power of our mind and be ready to give it all due respect.

When things go fine in life, it's either ourselves, or someone else who is collapsing the goodies of life for us. And when things go wrong, the same applies, just as an opposite outcome, and we have that very scientific expression for it: "Shit happens". Well, it doesn't "happen" -- we, or those within the orbit of our life, with the specific frequencies of thoughts, and particularly, emotions involved, made it happen.

That's what participatory universe means, and within that frame we are to view our prayers.

So, by now, it should have become clear that we are also -- unaware of it -- broadcasting into the universe of quantum some crappy prayers, along with those good ones. The problem arises, as our mentality is calibrated by our survival instinct to mostly produce crap, in form of some 70-80% of daily thoughts being negative.

Why so? It stems from our very strong survival instinct which, due to stresses of living, most of which being self-inflicted, has become trigger-happy to interpret even those innocent appearances as a threat.

And then it becomes an addiction, so that we are pissed just because "everybody else if damn pissed, so our survival mechanism figures that it's a valid strategy of surviving if being practiced by the whole herd.

And now we are ready to introduce something like a mental function of what I am calling "Spoiler". I am even capitalizing it while seeing it so prominent in the hierarchy of our mental forces.


Spoiler Making Our Prayers Negative

Due to stresses in the praxis of living, we can't go wrong by envisioning a constant state of inner conflicts going on, with one tendency going against the other. While consciously we want one thing, our subconscious program, with its trigger-happy negative feedback mechanism always has something to say against it.

And in almost all instances it wins.

I call that inner counterproductive force Spoiler, because it has this job to spoil our good conscious intentions. You consciously want to lose some weight, but Spoiler makes sure you don't get there. You consciously want to ignore idiots' remarks about your worldview, but Spoiler makes sure you get pissed at them.

And then it comes to prayers.

Let's face it, folks, in most of the cases we are praying because, either there is a lack of something, or we want to prevent a lack or a loss.

So, we are approaching prayer with a concern about a possibility of something unwanted happening, which we want our god to remove for us.

But our god is way too busy creating some new universes, as to care for our petty problems -- which we should be fixing by ourselves in the first place.

Really, folks, if I asked my father day after day for something, and he obviously doesn't barge -- I would start looking around, for maybe in his good heart he provided everything necessary for me to discover, so that I can do it by myself.

But my Spoiler is programmed to expect the world and heavens to cater to my needs -- so I am waiting for some authorities -- whether political, religious, or medical -- to replace my using this powerful mind of mine.

So that we either give a credit and thanks to -- or we blame -- those others.

And that's the frame of mind with which we are approaching our praying performance. Like the good old maxim goes: We reap what we have sown", or, in words of a high science: "Crap in -- crap out."

I read from some "god-loving" writers about their intolerant, if not downright hateful political position -- which makes right there a joke out of their "faith". With those mindsets, why even bother having a god?

Really, what's the deal of singing "God Save America", as all those believers are doing is their very best to tear apart the unity of America's spirit, and by doing that, not really making America worth "saving" in the eyes of their god.

Quantum field is waiting for our right prayers. When they are really right, they get answered -- and then it doesn't really even matter whom, or what, we are crediting for it. Work with quantum, and then thank Fairy Lady, if that's what suits you best.

But, no matter what -- keep your Spoiler out of the equation.


Clarification of Faith

Now we come to the matter of faith.

It may come as contrary to what most people believe, but faith is not counting on any benevolent entity or earthly authority to fulfill our wishes. Faith is a state of mind in which we envision our wishes already fulfilled and with a joy in our heart we feel grateful for it.

That gratefulness, again, is not a feeling of giving a credit to any of those outside of our personal space -- but rather a deep satisfaction that our mental acts have been successful. So feeling grateful means more like winning. Of course, we have to express gratefulness to people when they give us something, or do something for us that feels like a gift, but that doesn't apply to prayers.

And again, we don't thank god for giving us electricity with a choice to use it for cooking our dinner or to electrocute ourselves with it -- we give thanks to our ability to know the difference between those two uses.

Let's open our eyes a little wider, and realize once and for all, that if god really "cared" for the well being of the mankind, he would intervene -- not allowing innocent children to die, people to die of hunger and disease, and natural disasters to destroy our homes. He might even destroy all those ruthless humans who caused massive suffering to others.

I don't know about your image of a good father, but I would do my best to prevent anything of that from happening to my kids, even with my limited abilities, not having his unlimited ones.

So, yes, miracles happen at Lourdes and elsewhere, including the workshops of Dr. Joe Dispenza, where, after a few days cancer or heart patients get well -- but hey, those attendants have to work for hours and some days, to develop that frame of mind which collapses from the quantum field that model of their bodies which is free of disease. And those Lourdes miracles are also results of an unshakable faith, with no Spoiler around to have the last word.

If you want to prosper financially, don't experience yourself as "someone in a need" wishing to become well off, but experience gratefulness for what you have already got.

If you want to be healthy, don't complain about your bad health, act as a healthy person, smile more, laugh more, have a straight posture, see yourself as a healthy person in the theater of your mind and heart. Welcome your discomforts and pains, be bigger than they are -- go beyond your condition no matter what it may be. Love life and you'll get more reasons to love it.

Remember, by complaining about our conditions, whether a bad health or financial hardships, or a "bad" political status quo, we are feeding that Spoiler in our nature which thrives on conflicts, so nothing good can come out of our praying. Unknowingly, we are actually praying for bad outcomes.

You see what I mean?

Praying is not begging, and when it becomes one, we may spend our life time as mental beggars with closed palms, not aware that we have the power, because god made us that way.

We are either in a mode of functioning that means creating, or one that means surviving. Either proactive or reactive. Either responsible or dependent. But living in a participatory universe, we can't afford to wait for thoughts and emotions to "happen to us", feeling as if being at the end of a receiving line.

We have to see our role on this planet as being at the source of our reality. Then prayers take up a new meaning in which we use our inner Garden of Eden for planting some roses, not weeds, for those days of reaping, to fill our precious vase we call life.

© 2021 Val Karas


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 04, 2021:

Hey Val

Thanks for that generous explanation, but I really meant to say I do know we were given free will.

There is a typo there...sorry.

Bit I like your idea of it being our consciousness and that we just don't receive the broadcast.

Looks like you got another idea for a new hub.

Have a great night my friend.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on May 04, 2021:

Brenda -- You say you "don't know why we were given free will". We were not "given" it, we are consciousness which is a personalized extension of universal consciousness -- just greatly reduced because attached to an organism which functions largely on principles of animalistic survival.

Since everything vibrates, our frequencies are too low to "receive the broadcast" of higher consciousness. Some philosophers used to talk of man as product of "bastardity" -- with one part of his nature being divine, and the other of an animal, both in one body.

We, as consciousness are filtered down to a nature that both, thinks freely, and also thinks from programs dictated by psycho-physical survival.

So, some of us are more spiritual, more free, and some others are just "free to express their programs", while under an illusion of having a free will.

O.K., I just discovered that "Stop button". Good, before it turns into another hub. LOL!

Thank you, as always, for your interesting comment, my dear friend.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 04, 2021:


A great article.

We do need to have that quantum feeling.

God has given us the inner workings to communicate with him and to start the healing process.

Focusing on one's health as being good. Not allowing Doubt to enter your mind...which is your Spoiler.

In doing this we are in the state of mind to receive our blessings. Manifesting a good outcome per to say.

I don't understand why bad things happen, for like you I would move heaven and earth to protect my family.

The only thing I donknow is that we were given free will to make our own choices.

But when I pray...I pray from a quiet place inside my soul which can feel the ultimate universe surrounding me.

There is a connection. One can feel it if they really try.

But not all prayers go my way...sometimes the answer isn't what I wanted..but begging will get one nowhere.

Believing in life as though you already have what you want is the only way.

Take care...and thanks for stirring this old mind to thinking.

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