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The Power of Turning Off the TV: “Throw Your TV Out the Window”

Sal Santiago writes about travel, minimalism, art, philosophy, and living an alternative lifestyle.

One of the best things you can do to preserve and foster mental wellness – is to throw your TV out the window.

One of the best things you can do to preserve and foster mental wellness, decrease anxiety, and live a more full and productive life – is to throw your TV out the window.

It will be difficult at first for many – we are all wired into this matrix at such a young age, by the time we’re learning to walk and talk. For much of this society – TV devours your mental health, and drowns your few precious free hours with lame attempts at social programming, and constant prodding to buy and consume. To emulate the lifestyles displayed on the screen. This programming seeps deep into the subconscious mind throughout our formative years.

I haven’t owned a TV in about 15 years. And here are a few reasons why.

As a former anthropology professor used to say to our class “it’s a mind-sucking abyss.”

Personally, I can’t handle the constant noise, chatter, and chaos. I’ve known people who keep their TV on full blast, until late at night when it’s time to go to bed. To me, it’s an assault on all of my senses. It hurts my eardrums, gives me a headache, and makes me nauseous quite often. What boggles my mind is how we’ve come to accept this as some kind of normal environment?

I’d rather read, be able to hear myself think. I’d rather have peace of mind. Since the early days of getting rid of my TV, my life has improved immeasurably. I have much more free time for the things I really want to do. Many studies have shown how the tube sucks away 4, 5, 6 hours of people’s free time – daily. Did you really come to this earth to have the best hours of your life sucked away by moronic sitcoms?

A few things to do instead of watching the TV:

Meditate: relax the mind and nervous system, release anxiety, for about 30 minutes on most days.

Exercise. I walk 1-2 miles each day (and often much more). Keep your blood flowing well, and have mini-adventures each day, observing wildlife, being out in nature.

Writing/drawing, spending time doing the things you are passionate about.

Learn something new that will enrich and improve your life, and bring joy. Study a language, learn an instrument.

Develop your abilities and potential – whatever these may be.


When you tune in to TV, you tune out of your life.

Personally, I love silence, and stillness. Give it to me all day long over the sonic assault on my soul of the squawking, shrieking TV. My home is a more relaxed place of peace and creativity, a sanctuary, an oasis.

In this society, our minds are filled with clutter, useless information, and a stew of toxic bullshit. Many of us are stressed out, broke, hating our jobs and our lives. The TV is part of the problem and part of the cycle. Instead of helping you to become freer, it keeps you complacent and stuck in your rut. When was the last time you learned a deep truth about life from watching TV? When did it bring you any measure of deep and lasting joy, or contentment? When did it do anything to help you discover your journey, your passions in this life?

When you tune in to TV, you tune out of your life.


There is great power in getting rid of the tube completely.

If it has not added to what is most deep and important in your life, then you need to drop the axe on it today. You will reap the benefits immediately, enjoying your newfound sense of peace and abundance of time. Actually, as with ending any addiction, it will take a little time to get through the withdrawal period. But with a little time, your anxiety will be reduced, a huge step towards mental wellness. There will be a new clarity and sense of stillness in your soul. A perfect environment for your creativity to emerge and flourish.

And don’t regret the countless wasted hours the tube has drained from your life. Just push forward. There is now. You have this moment and this day to devote to exploring yourself, your passions. Appreciate the lessons it has taught you – what you need more of and less of in your day-to-day life. What you need to cut out of your life completely.

You will have more original thoughts and ideas, and perspective, than your average sitcom binge-watcher – whose knowledge and thoughts are formed by watching TV, and fall within the acceptable range of opinion.

There is great power in getting rid of the tube completely.

You’ll breathe easier, have more peace and joy, a greater sense of well-being, and more time for what you love.

What better argument could there be to throw your TV out the window?

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