The Positively Negative Effects of Alcohol

Updated on June 9, 2019
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S W Moore is an English and history teacher at Datong University in China. He writes articles dealing with various subjects.

"Wine is a Mocker" Jan Steen 1664
"Wine is a Mocker" Jan Steen 1664

The Negative Effects of Alcohol Are Not Debatable

I once made the statement in class that alcohol is never good. One of my students disagreed and suggested that sometimes alcohol can be advantageous. I then invited her to a debate. My proposal was to trade stories about alcohol consumption. The rules of the debate would be simple. She would tell a story of when alcohol use resulted in a positive ending in a situation where, if there had been no alcohol involved, then the results would have been negative. I would then give an example of a time when alcohol use resulted in a negative ending in a situation where, if there had been no alcohol involved, then the results would have been positive. The first person to run out of examples would be declared the loser. She declined my invitation.

All Addictions Are Not the Same

In another situation a coworker, who was prone to alcohol abuse, informed me that any kind of addiction was bad: alcoholism, drug abuse, coffee, overeating, and even going to church too much. Since everyone was prone to some sort of addiction, he claimed, then it was best for him to choose the one that was the most fun for him. My response to such illogical thinking is this: I know people whom have been killed due to the use of alcohol, many who have lost their jobs due to this addiction, several who have lost their families as a result of alcohol, and even some who have killed others through their abuse of alcohol. On the other hand, I have yet to hear of anyone who has endured any of these situations because they went to church too much.

The Truth About Alcohol

Hollywood tends to berate Christians, Christian values, believers, and church going on a regular basis. Yet at the same time they continuously extol the virtues and gloriousness of alcohol; it is praised as the solution for everything. Whenever one returns home from a rough day at work, they need a drink to relieve the pressure. If they return from work after a rewarding day, then they need a drink to celebrate. Some type of alcohol is consumed at every meal. One must go out every evening after work and drink to socialize with their friends. Alcohol use is always portrayed in a positive light. Everyone who drinks is beautiful, or handsome, or rich, or smart, or well-liked. Hollywood tends to never portray the negative sides of alcohol use: the drunk driver killing innocent people, the drunk man returning home to beat his wife, the alcoholic who cannot keep a job, or the drunk lying in the gutter in his own vomit.

Alcohol Causes Problems Daily

As many news articles convey: alcohol use causes sorrow and heartache on a daily basis. According to the CDC, 29 people are killed in the United States every day in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. That translates to one death every 50 minutes. "The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion" (Impaired, 2019). But it is not just drunk driving that results in the deaths of people. An article at the website Very Well Mind reminds us that "Alcohol is typically involved in the most severe incidents of violence towards partners" (Hartney, 2019). They go on to say that many women are not only hospitalized, but also die as a result of their husband's alcohol use. On any day one can read articles with titles that include such phrases as "drunk driving accident", "killed by drunk driver", "drunk driver crashes", "two children killed", "drunk man beats two daughters",etc. So the next time you decide to take a drink, think about these things.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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      • Gurpinder Vir Singh Rai profile image


        3 months ago

        Thank you for sharing this article. Alcohol abuse can have many harmful effects on an individual and society at large.

      • Lorna Lamon profile image

        Lorna Lamon 

        3 months ago

        This is a very informative article with valid points. I watched my Uncle destroy his life through alcohol and sadly passed away with complications of the liver at a very young age. Thank you for drawing awareness through your article.


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