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The Need To Experiment

Chitrangada loves to read and write.The many possibilities of Online writing excites, and enthuses her, to rediscover herself as a writer.

Experiment quotes

Experiment quotes

The Need and Curiosity to Experiment

This article is in response to Brenda’s word prompt challenge, week 37

Brenda continues to motivate the fellow writers, with her weekly word prompts.
Honestly, after the comments section were taken off on HubPages, it has taken me some time to write again, as I was very much disappointed with the changes.
And, I thank Brenda, for providing that much needed motivation.
This is called the ‘Never give up’ attitude, and I appreciate her for that.

Weekly Word Prompt: Experiment

My response includes an acrostic poem, and some thoughts about ‘The need to experiment.’

Hope you like it, Brenda.

Experiment quotes

Experiment quotes

Acrostic Poem on ‘Experiment’

Examine, explore, research,

Xerox, scan, back up, copy,

Pose questions, seek answers

Expect failure, disappointments,

Repeat, and repeat your efforts,

Innovate, invent, initiate,

Make more observations,

Enter, understand, research,

Never give up, till you succeed,

The results will be positive, in the end.

Experiment quotes

Experiment quotes

Experiments as a Teacher

Experiments in any field, involves observations, collecting information and data.
This is done to solve a problem, or answer a question.
There can be many types of experiments. Here, I want to share some of the experiments, which I have tried, or keep trying.

Experiments, as a Teacher

As a teacher, I have tried some innovative ways to teach my class students. I have observed that children lose interest in learning, if the same method of teaching is followed everyday.
Children are a storehouse of energy.

Their energy must be channelised in the right direction. They are enthusiastic, curious, eager to learn, with infectious energy levels.

But, most of them get bored with blackboards, chalks, talks, and lectures.
Therefore, I always tried new experiments, to make their learning experience fun, or to explain complex concepts.
I always believe, that learning is easier and fun for the students, if done in an informal way.
They enjoy participation and interactive activities.

Over the time, these methods have become popular, but it was not so earlier. When I was teaching, it was called, classroom experiments.
Taking them to the factories, the various manufacturing plants etc. to observe with their own eyes, the real science behind the subject, science.
It was good to observe the curiosity of the students. Make them try new things, new methods, share their new ideas.
Even if they do not succeed, they will learn so many useful life skills during the process—



trial and error


the ability to take risks

the ability to take decisions

During the Pandemic, online teaching was a challenge for the students as well as the teachers.

I know many teachers and students, who were not able to come to terms with this new way of teaching.
Then, many experiments were tried by both the students and the teachers, to adjust to the new scenario.
I think, during the Pandemic, work from home, teach from home, do everything from home, was ‘experiment‘ only.

And, the good news is, that we, that is the human beings, the spirit of humanity succeeded in this World wide experimentation.
Human mind has immense capabilities. It is as a result of various successful experiments, that we live in this high tech World today, which was not imaginable, to our previous generations.

© 2021 Chitrangada Sharan

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