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The Most-Secure Door in The Worl

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.


This is a Very Short Piece

about a slice of our yesteryear, a quieter time when life was slower and simple. I know. I lived most of my life in this timeframe. Honestly, some days were (like life itself) bad and good, depending on a lot of thngs: income, living conditions, family relations and other little unseen things that we all need, but are too ignorant to ask why.

Until I began a campaign to write this and the latter hubs, did I know that I was so ignorant. Life.s dark and light moments have been around you and me forever. Mostly. We endured, we saw victory, sometimes, and a few winning moments to give us those easy smiles. Sure wish that I had the time and creative juices to list all of them, but I do not. For this, I apologize.

Example: take the common potato chip. Sturdy enough to tackle the dangerous shipping from factory to the store to your hands with the money to buy them. This is my favorite part to this story. So are we nothing more than potato chips?

You Can Name The Powerful Defenses

like an easy poem to recite: the nation's military, NAADC (North America Air Defense Command), and others I am sure, but I can come to the front of the class and share with you the truth about "powerful defenses," when I say, the most-powerful piece of equipment ever made never shot in self-defense toward anyone, never threatened anyone with vulgar cursing, or destroyed a nation's entire landscape with just one lick. Nope. I am talkingn about the old-fashioned screen door.

And that is ony half of this clever defense creation: the little silver hook attached to the part of the door facing and attached to the door. Honest. I know. I have on occasion tried to open my parents' screen door and failed. With much pulling and tugging, I could not open this frail, unpretentious screen door. I only wilted like lettuce in the summer sun. This shold tell you about American workmanship as opposed to the burglar alarm sysems sold for almost a hundred-bucks and other devices sold more more scratch. But they make these things and we buy them almost like clockwork.

Looking at a Screen Door And

it's very powerful little steel hook that holds as secure as a contestant in one of those Most Powerful Man in The World or as hard to open as a jar of fresh pickles when you are famished. But whoever could get inside a pickle jar and relax in a pickle jar like you can do in the door of the house that holds the screen door and little steel hook tight? I know that this sounds dumb, but I can name a whole lot of other things in life, but I am staying on-point with the screen door . . .and little steel hook.

In moment, we shall learn a lttie more about the screen door and it's little buddy, the little steel hook attached to the door and door facing. Deal?
Things Held Outside Th

Things Held Outside The Screen Door and Little Steel Hook

⦁ Me, and other fallible human beings.
⦁ Angry dogs and cats and a few birds sold inside a pet store.
⦁ Upset door-to-door shoe salesmen.
⦁ Upset door-to-door make-up salespersons (females).
⦁ Nosy neighgors.
⦁ Nosy co-workers (who just have to know all about your vacation.)
⦁ Government officials out to get in and steal our freedom and rights.
⦁ Nosy family members. Period.

Things Held Inside The Screen Door and Little Steel Hook

⦁ Rebellious pre-teens who cannot reach the little steel hook to open the screen door.
⦁ Stubborn teen's also wanting to get outsde to do their own thing.
⦁ Your loving pets who do not know how dangerous the outside really is.
⦁ You if you are not careful when it's time to escape an annoying family member.
⦁ Expensive ants you bought to raise in an ant farm because you needed a hobby.
⦁ A thief who is out to steal after disguising themselves as a close friend.
⦁ Great music who you want to keep because you are selfish.
And this hub is considered both . . .an item that can get inside the room to give joy and laughter to the home's inhabitants or inside to keep my hilarious ideas to yourself.i

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