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The "Most-Annoying Sticky Food Presentation" in the U.S.A.

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

I Suppose That You Thought

I was hung-up on hubs about old barns, drinking pains, and anti-smoking hubs. So in keeping with those who are testy about getting into a rut, I am going to present three delicious foods that we all have eaten and loved, and yet, we all went from content to an anger that was boiling underneath the skin about how sticky these foods can attractive to those who love foods.

To be completely honest, all three of these contestants are faar more than delicious. They are a great part of America. All three are all able to be eten by hand or by fork. There is no blind dissemination with these foods. This threesome have such suggestive power that a husky man who has just walked by these foods understand he has just filled-up from devouring big t-bone with salad and baked potato, and just glanced one of these items and went nuts.

People (his wife included) who were with him in the restaurant, were worried about his mental state and he was close to being taken to a team of professionals who study such phenomenon, but the a this valiant got a hold of himself and walked away. Yes, these three beauties are that powerful, so one had better be careful..

The harmless cupcake. Aren't they cute?

The harmless cupcake. Aren't they cute?

These Three Foods

are such a part of our lives that if we were to seriously charge the U.S. Government to band such foods, in moments, there would be all and all anarchy in the land. I know what I am talking about. By way of honest confession, I wish today, this moment that these three Food Queens and Kings would take the place of harsh controlled drugs that have killed the old and young alike. At least I can dream.

Before we continue, let me share with you this very controversial fact: not all of the tree food contestants in our presentation are not able to be great to be eaten, but can also be used as a self-defense tool or used in any military action. Would you like to take a chance at which food I am talking about? Okay. The cupcake is far and ahead ahead of the chocolate cake, although the cake can be used (if necessary) to paint on your face if you are going on a worldwide spy mission. Other than that, just eat and enjoy it

I would wager than all of you put your money on the waffles just because they are disk-shaped and could be thrown like a solidier's scream in close-hand-to-hand combat, but no. The cupcake is not as fluffy as you think. And the cupcake is faster when thrown at a target. The cupcake is also firm and does not crumble that easily. The chocolate cake will crumble by just walking by, and the waffle may not crumble, but if left in room temperature, waffles will grow hard and tough to eat.

Heaven on earth.

Heaven on earth.

We Can Talk About

popularity of these three foods if you like, but that might prove to be mundane due to there being so many tie's and heads being scratched. All of the three foods have followers. The Cupcake'ers; The Chocolate Cake'ers and The Wallleirs if you are wondering about their club monikers. Although this is my observation, these club titles are very cute.

I have never met any member of these clubs, but I would wager that all of the members of the three clubs are very nice people and great to be living next to you and I. One plus leaning toward the Sticky-Food Presentation (for me) would be living next door to a Wafflier and all that I would have to do on a Saturday morning to get a great food is stick my head out of my front door and yell . . ."Give me four with loads of syrup! No butter, please. I am trying to diet." What a dream.


Now We Are Going to Give

each food by name, popularity, and sticky to the human hand and see if your votes will be the same with mine.
Fun to Eat Outside:
Cupcakes (1 Chocolate Cake (0 Waffles (3
Fun to Eat Inside Wearing a Tuxedo:
Cupcakes (0) Chocolate Cake (0) Waffles (1
Fun to Give Friends as Gifts For Any Occasion:
Cupcakes (1 Chocolate Cake (5 Waffles (2
Fun to Give Friends as a Christmas Gift: Sorry, no fruitcake puns here.
Cupcakes (1 Chocolate Cake (2 Waffles (2
Fun to Give Friends as Bithday Gifts:
Cupcakes (0) Chocolate Cake (1) Waffles (0)
Sticky-But-Real Fun to Eat in Public or Home:
Cupcakes (3 Chocolate Cake (1 Waffles (0

And now by votes (I honestly threw), Chocolate Cakes is The First in the "First-Annual Most Sticky-Food Presentation on Earth," and God willing, if all of us are here at the same time, Oct. 21, 2021, so we can see what has changed.
Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day! Love You All.
October 21, 2020__________________________________________

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