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The Mistake We All Dreamed About

Renz Nicole is a 1st year college student pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines.

The Mistake We All Dreamed About

Did you ever dream as a child that you would grow up and be able to do everything you wanted, or that your parents would no longer be strict with you and you could plan everything without their permission?

Perhaps every child has dreamed about it. Because we believe that as we age, we will no longer be constrained in our actions and decisions. We believe that as we grow older, we will be free.

However, we are mistaken.

We were mistaken about that dream. We are slowly becoming aware of the world, and we are gradually being slapped by the fact that all those dreams were foolish. Because the truth is, the most difficult part of a person’s life is realizing that we are no longer children, that we have outgrown that stage of our lives and could never come back.

We realize now how frightening it is to be an adult. Why? It’s because of so many responsibilities we have. Responsibilities that we never thought we would take on, and now we are struggling with.

Take, for instance, our education. We used to go to school solely to learn how to read and write the alphabet and, to practice decent manners when dealing with our classmates, and we simply brought pencils and paper, as well as sandwiches and drinks prepared by our parents. But now, we need to worry about our tuition fee, dormitory, transportation fare, lunch break food, and essential materials for our chosen course.

Another example is our plans in life. Our childhood ambitions were to be doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, broadcasters, and other professions, but we had no idea that we would have to go through difficult and painful experiences to get there. Now we realize that before we get what we want, there will be a lot of rejections and drawbacks.

Lastly, our decision-making. We had been frustrated in the past because we couldn’t make decisions since we had to obey our parents. And there were some instances when they would not listen to us. On the other hand, our lives now revolve around every decision we make. We must be certain and not impulsive since if either occurs, we will collapse. We can no longer rely on our parents for assistance, and we can no longer afford to let them make decisions for us as they also get older.

The dreams we created back then are having the opposite effect.

Scary isn’t it? It’s unsettling to think that as we become older, our freedom decreases. It’s terrifying to think that every decision we make must be prioritized in terms of our obligations. Unfortunately, we can no longer do what we desire.

And that is life. That is the reality. We should be more responsible now that we are no longer children. When we trip and fall, it no longer gets into a smear of medicine.

However, we can say that the thrill is that we once fantasized about such things as children. And now we find ourselves in that situation. Regardless of what is going on, we must remain firm.

I hope that now that we are older, we will be able to overcome the problems we are experiencing.

This is how life works. Let us simply daydream. Let us just do anything we want. Let’s just dream about everything we want.

As for me, I have no regrets about having fantasized about things that did not match reality. What I need to do now is fulfill the new dreams I’ve created for myself to grow.

One thing is certain: our inner kid feels grateful and proud of what we’ve accomplished, which we didn’t anticipate ourselves to be capable of.

Let’s continue to dream.

© 2022 Renz Nicole Torres

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