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The Love Letter: Part Three

Love is all that I have and all that I can give. The love I feel for you, and you alone is the love that I shall give.


Love yourself.

Love yourself.

The Love Letter: Part Three

Dearly Beloved,

We have come together with a unified heart, in a moment and in a dream. Together, you and I are magic that we experience under the warmth of love and admiration. A blanket that resurrected us from the past and into a life, anew.

Once, we walked in darkness with dreary steps of hopelessness and despair. Chained to a life by necessity but lonely and dead, inside. Still, the moment your first smiled at me, I knew. I knew in my heart the cold shadows of hurt were washed away in an instant.

Reborn from the heart of Pain and the Death of sorrow. The energy of life burned through my veins as I felt life return to me and the empty void of endless failure was destroyed.

Forever and Always...our love!

Forever and Always...our love!


Now, we are together and I shall love you, Always and Forever. I truly enjoy when I tell you, Always and Forever and you reply, "Forever and Always"! Thank you for showing me that the past is washed away with our endless love and desire.

The heat your warm hands offers my body a moment without worry or of being alone. When holding your hand, my heart is filled with serenity and gratitude. For I am grateful that you are beside when and yet, in this are not.

Although it is impossible to be apart, life calls upon us to do so and responsibility becomes a dagger in my longing to feel you beside me. Why must me be anywhere but together? Always and Forever remains every clear in my mind but my heart cries out for you to return.

Your smile

Your smile is a reminder...

Your smile is a reminder...

A reminder in your smile...

It is true...I love to make you smile because every time you smile at me, it's true love at first sight and every day, I try to come up with as many ways as I can to see that moment again.

When I first met you, I saw the beauty of what my life was going to be...but doubt filled my mind with whether or not this miracle moment was really true, and did you feel the same?

Something told me that you liked me too but until I would hear this, doubt remained. In a fleeting moment, the doubt was put to rest and only love remained. NO more doubts! No more fear... The fear of losing you is a thought, unwanted.

You are in my life and I will do everything I can to ALWAYS see the smile that brings love and light and comfort is mine. Forgive me, but I am addicted to always feeling love at first sight, each time I see your smile. A deep craving for love is hungry and must be fed often.

So, I do whatever it takes, no matter how silly I have to get, and you know I will go full Jerry Lewis on you...just to breathe in the moment of true love. Silly jokes, goofy actions and slap-stick humor is worth it to me for your wonderful smile.

In closing...

Always Love...

Always Love...

Forever yours...forever there.

Soon, you will return to me and our bond of love will be rekindled in seeing your smile. In knowing you are here at last and my arms do ache for that moment...this dream. Although it is in my heart to prepare for the moment I am awaiting, I cannot resolve myself to stop writing and yet, I cannot encourage myself to.

When I think of you, so many words come and fill my mind. Even then, I hold onto the hope that you will be here soon and my destiny willagain, be seen in your beautiful smile that continues to steal my heart, every day.

Thoughts of you and the light that you brought when my heart was dark and cold...and, alone. You took that away and gave me paradise with your smile. Still, the smile was only the beginning, and precious to me but I have learned that I love everything about you and every day and in every moment, I am alive in your love.

Love Always,


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