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The Love Letter

I Love You So Much!!!


The Love Letter: Anew

The Love Letter: Anew

Part two in, The Love Letter, series.

Part two in, The Love Letter, series.

The Love Letter


Dearest Love,

            Every day is spent dreaming of holding you; touching you and feeling you close to this love. Even the mere thought of your name sends chills through this soul and fills the heart with longing; a longing I have never known until you came into my life.

            Each day is, met with hopes and dreams. The hope of waking up with you next to me and the dreams of holding you, each night as we drift off to sleep. I would do anything, just to be near to you.

            Your hair reminds me of a every dream within the heart. When I was young, I would draw images of the woman I would love and I wish I still had those drawings to prove to you, that it was you I have dreamed of all along.

            Even in my dreams, dreams from a time long ago, I have seen you and now that I know you are real, I will do all I can to love you and keep you happy, forever.

            With poems, love letters, romantic dinners and roses, I will show my love for you every day I am given. Never will I let a moment, to show you my love, pass.

            If only you could see inside my heart and know that this love I feel for you is as eternal as the universe, reaching beyond the existence of time, itself. You will never spend a day of your life without my love for this love will burn for you just as surely as the sun, burns in the sky.

            You own my heart and no one else could ever hope to have this love. They may try but where they try, they shall fail. I belong to you. You have all of my love and everything that makes me exist.

            May all your tears be tears of joy but there is one thing you must understand above all else. This love, that, is given to you, it is yours to keep forever. To make you happy is the only purpose I have in life. A purpose I never had until we found each other.

            The need for a crystal ball does not exist for I have already seen the future in your eyes and I know that I will spend the rest of my life with you. Even death cannot hope to tear our love apart for when that time comes for me, I will wait for you then, my love.

            One day, you will become my wife and together, we will love one another. After all, you cannot expect me to live without your love. I have drunk from its sweet fountain and I know that it is your love that brings my heart to life.

            You, my love, are the world to me and so much more. When I hold you, the world fades away and all that is left is the two of us. The hardest part is letting go of you…I become disoriented until my mind steadies itself in the hope that I will, again, hold you soon.

            Hope has brought you to me, Faith shall help me keep you always, and Love is all you will ever know, from me. I promise to love you forever, cherish you forever and if it is my power to give all things to you, then I will surely give you everything.

            Kissing you softly and feeling your lips is the taste of wine from Heaven. Holding your hand feels as if I were holding your soul and I long to be even closer to you. Even then, holding you in my arms, bare of clothes, is to hold ecstasy, itself.

            Truly, you are a living fantasy and the woman that carries my heart in your hands. For once in my life, I feel loved and wanted. I feel truly happy and very blessed and it is all thanks to you. ‘I love you’, seems so weak and shallow in comparison to truth. Still, it is all I can offer until the words can be found to describe what you really mean to me.

            I will love you forever and forever, again.


Always Yours,


Update: Oct. 3rd, 2020

Love is such a beautiful thing and I have missed bearing my romantic heart for the world to read. So, I have an idea... all those in favor of me digging around in my goodie box of love and publishing new love letters and poetry... let me know. :-)

What do you think?

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