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The Letter From Me to My Love

Ryan is a heart warming love writer with letters from his writings to whoever needs to hear it. A true inspiring writer devoted to his work

This is a letter straight from my heart to yours,

This is a letter straight from my heart to yours, the ultimate expression of my love to you and the only sign I need in my life, at this and every other moment. I saw an angel, a gift from the universe into my little world, you smiled at me and lit my whole entire being. I’d say I don’t know what to say…but I do. We shared a moment and that I cherish, in my mind, body and soul. We’ve seen each other grow and it almost feels like decades have passed since our last cherished moment. We’ve carried on so long and we couldn’t stop even if we tried. For this I will try and never give up on us. Our love will bloom once again like the flowers in the morning, we will spread our love throughout the hills and valleys, because you are my one true love. I have everything I need right here where we are. We don’t need any other signs. Let the universe know I will always love you in whatever storm to come. Let our past be memories of the lost and let us build our home on this strong foundation of joy and love. I am jealous of every night I don’t spent with you, wondering who lays next to you…a space left to filled by me. I however wish you whatever this world will give to us or take. But just know I will be with you till the end of times my love. I will be there when the morning glows and the evening sets peacefully letting in the dawn of a new era and the start of a brand-new memory.

My Dear and My Love

So, my dear, my love, the one at my side, know that no mountains or stormy seas will ever keep us apart. Our love will shine brighter than the sun and all other will be. Just hear me out and bear with me on this journey, I promise you and I will love it and will build memories to cherish and look back to say I’m just glad you are here with me. Light me up again let us show why the universe gifted and bestowed upon us the power of love. I have witnessed and experienced every feeling from the darkest ones to the most intimate ones. I am glad you are the one I get to share this with. Just glad. You certainly didn’t ask to be here but know that you are the movement of survival and the recovery of this place here with me. I cannot wait to see you again with my eyes once again. So, until we meet again know that you left this place much stronger and with love and joy restored my heart again…until we meet again at dawn my love, I will be with you in mind, body and soul. May the fortune of love be with you till the time comes, my love, my queen and my one true love.

Lastly My Love,

My love, may this heart felt letter remind you of every moment you and I build and may our love bloom once again in our world. May the universe grant us more time to continue to make more memories so that when our time comes, we may sit back together embracing those past memories. So may we rest peacefully and find solace in each other one last time. I Love You more than you could ever know. As the dawn sets foot on this place, may the night be delivered into our hearts and embrace it with every last breathe of our world. I will always remember the times we had together on this journey we are on. Even as time spares us our last breathe, may the waters in the sea lay our message of love to the next couple, just waiting to hear the ultimate love story, The letter from me to My Love.

Let us cherish this moment.

© 2020 Ryan munywoki munyao


Ryan munywoki munyao (author) from Kenya on August 20, 2020:

Thank you Pikuhoney

Sahar from Karachi, Pakistan on August 10, 2020:

I like it really nice

Hildy on August 06, 2020:

This is lovely dear

Ryan munywoki munyao (author) from Kenya on August 04, 2020:

feel free to leave your feedback, could be of much help.

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