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The Joy In The Little Things

It's the little things that give you the most joy they say. Or at least some variation of that statement. You know that is true, but you never really truly believe it. Maybe it's because we have so many things to keep us distracted. Or maybe it's because we are always go go go and don't take time to slow down. Whatever it is we do know at some deep level that it's the simple things that bring us the most joy. It wasn't until the last year that this came into focus for me and how the little things in my life became the most joyful part for me.



Last year as we know change people's lives in many ways and people were forced into having to adjust. This was the same for me as I was no longer working and I had to find something to do with my time. The one thing you realize when you are not working is you have so much time on your hands. Work just takes up a huge chunk of your days, but when you are not working you just have time. Not having a routine anymore of getting up and going to work really threw me for a loop and a felt that I needed to develop one otherwise I might lose it.

The job that I had required me to be pretty active and I would be moving around a lot. So sitting around all day at home with nowhere to really go was no good. I decided that I would go for a walk each day rain or shine hot or cold in order to give me the feeling of being at work. Little did I know that it would become a huge part of my life last year. I would usually go for about an hour each day unless I had somewhere to be first thing in the morning. I developed a few different ways or paths to take over the months and I would rotate between them each day. However, the biggest revelation for me was how much it freed my mind. It allowed me to not think and just observe what was around me. By observing the nature around I could just be present at the moment. It really acted as a meditative state for me. I would have all these ideas that would come to me while I was on these walks in fact to start writing like this was one of them. After a few months of doing them, it just came to me that something that costs nothing and only requires discipline would be so joyful. It became my time and it was something that I look forward to every day.



Stretching you might say seems a bit of an odd choice as something that is joyful but for me once it became a part of my routine it really did. Like the walks, I felt that I needed to add my morning routine. I had these stretches that were actually given to me by a chiropractor a year before but I never really held myself to doing them. So I decided to start doing them every morning, I first started out only doing a few that I was most comfortable with. Once I was able to them with relative ease, I moved on to more of them and added how long I would hold them. What became clear after a month it two was not only the flexibility that I had gained but how I could focus on my body but also my mind would be become more clearer at that moment.

It took me a bit again to really notice that getting up each day and seeing the progress that I could make in my stretches just gave me a lot more joy. I think the whole noticeable progress played a role in it but I also believe that when you are more in tune with your own body the more centred you can become. I think in some way when we are in that moment our body is telling us to thank you for being one with it. I know that might soon kind of weird but it just seems that whenever I do those stretches the more ready I am to take on the day.



Reading was another thing that I have done much more in the last year the brought more joy. I have always read but last year I made more of an effort to read more often. My focus was to read more spiritual books, I wanted to dive deeper into what is really going in this universe. Reading these books has just done wonders for me in so many ways. First, it has allowed me to look inside myself to any programming that I might have had. Second, it's allowed me to see things from a different perspective. Being able to open up to why people might view things a certain way or why I few things a certain way has allowed me to be more accepting.

Reading is just a simple pleasure it requires little to no real barrier to starting other than finding a book. You can find so much great reading even for free on the internet and all you then need is to take the time. I feel as though reading more has made me slow down and take things in more often. To not just rush into situations and to understand things more clearly. I definitely believe what I have been reading is the reason for that but if you can find the right topic you reading will become so much more enjoyable.


Joy I guess for the most part in subjective to each individual, everyone will have a different opinion on it. However, I do believe that it will always be the little things that will bring us the most joy. We can say that having more money or a fancy house does but it will always be the things that cost the least that we will enjoy. I believe it's how this universe is setup we can deny it and distract ourselves from it but no matter how much we do it always comes back to it. What I have learned in the last year has been something that I will never forget. Once I realized that I was getting the most amount of joy out the little things I knew that I was in the right place.

© 2021 Ryan c Harvey