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The Journey Begins with the First Step

This is me before I started my Journey

This is me before I started my Journey

Let the journey begin

Let the journey begin

The Beginning

The beginning of my journey to weight loss started officially on April 23, 2017. However, there were things that pushed me toward starting the journey. The summer before that, 2016 I weighed my heaviest at 250 pounds. I had injured my knee when I was caught in the undercurrent at the beach and my knee hurt all the time. I couldn't find a comfortable way to sleep the pain was continuous. My husband and I took a trip to a local amusement park with our daughter and grandchildren, I couldn't walk it so we rented a motorized wheel chair, on top of that I was too big to fit in most of the rides. This brought me to tears, I never wanted this for myself and yet here I was. It was at this point I the seed was planted, I knew I had to lose weight but something held me back.

Fall came along with haunted houses which we love, we planned a trip to one again with our daughter and grandchildren. You wouldn't think that walking through a haunted house would be that difficult. Well, let me tell you, they have tight spaces that I wasn't sure I would make it through, then there was an area in the attic where you had to crawl to get out. I made it but it wasn't good I have to admit. Another seed was planted, I knew the weight had to come off in order for me to live the life I wanted to live, but once again I was not mentally prepared to make the changes.

I was a school bus driver and every year before we could start the new school year we had to get a physical. I did not pass my physical because I had high blood pressure and was instructed to see my family doctor to get it under control At first I was in denial, there was no way I could have high blood pressure, after all no one else in my immediate family had it. Once again the truth of my health smacked me in the face full on, I went on blood pressure medication but once I lost the weight the blood pressure dropped. Thank goodness!

Fast forward to March of 2017 we had a family trip planned, by family I mean my parents, my three sisters and their spouses and children, a friend and her family all totoal we had 30 people on this trip. The trip started out in Walt Disney World Florida then finished with a 3 day Disney Cruise. It was a great time, when I got home I looked over the pictures that we had taken. If you are overweight I'm sure you can understand when I say I was horrified when I looked at myself in the pictures. This was unacceptable to me, it needed changed but alas it took me another month to finally commit and get started.

My daughter, who was never as overweight as I was, decided a few months before me, too lose 30 pounds and she was successful. This time Mom went to the daughter for advice on getting started. She recommended My Fitness Pal, and she also recommended that I did not give up the foods I loved cold turkey so to speak.

I downloaded the app to my phone and began the journey. I would enjoy a doughnut and a fancy coffee for breakfast and work through the rest of the day with My Fitness Pal.

When you are very overweight, and you just get started you can eat a lot more calories than you think to lose weight, but the cruel irony is that as you lose weight you have to eat less calories. It is a slow process but a very worthwhile one.

As you can see by the pictures attached I was rather large and in need of a change to my eating and exercise habits. I wanted to hike, bike and kayak with my husband, we were finally at a place in our lives where we could go out and enjoy living, but I was too heavy to do those things.

One day we were out in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and we stopped at the outlets they have there and I found a book that gave me the encouragement and the drive to help myself. The Title of the Book is Fit to Live by Dr. Pamela Peeke. I highly recommend that you check it out.

I started counting calories, walking and to get the weight off and it worked! I bought a scale and weighted myself daily, some argue that is not a good thing to do but it works for me. Your weight loss journey must be your own, tailored by you for you, so I recommend that you use trial and error to find out what works best for you.

My purpose is to help others find their way by reading about my struggles with weight loss and keeping it off. There are so many diet programs out there, I am not here to recommend one I am here to help you understand - there is more than one way to lose weight and not every way is the right way for you.

Thanks for Reading,




Me now

Me now

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