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The Ins, the Outs, the Ups, and the Downs of the Adult Entertainment Indusrty

Im a 34 year old mom of 1 w/ two bachelors degrees from an Ivy league institution. I work full time as an adult entertainer. Heres my story.

I Am a Full Time Sex Worker, but Like Any Other Employee, I Expect Respect


How It All Started

My journey into the world of the online adult sex industry started out as an innocent experiment with an OnlyFans account. Sure, I was slightly older than most of the girls doing it, but I figured I would give it a try nonetheless. It took about 6 months, but after those 6 months, I had made it into the very prestigious top 1% of earners on OnlyFans.

I have always been highly competitive. When I start something, I not only become determined to finish it, I become determined to excel at it, and I did.

Still only doing this work as a form of side income, I expanded my horizons from OnlyFans to other platforms such as streaming sites. I enjoyed the thrill of the show, the exhilaration that came with being watched, and the confidence I found growing within me when others would give me compliments or tip me for my services.

Slowly, over time, I added more and more platforms to my daily routine. Partially out of trial and error to see where I could earn the most, partially out of sheer curiosity.

Even only doing it part time for side money, I found myself making over a thousand dollars a week on a bad week. I became hooked.

Regardless Of How You May Feel, At the End of the Day, Sex Work is Still Work, Just Like Any Other Job


The Year 2020

2020 was one of the worst years of my life. Between covid destroying the photography business I had spent five years building up, dealing with an abusive boyfriend, a gambling addiction, and a myriad of run ins with the law, sex work made it possible for me to continue to pay my bills, feed myself and my son, and live life relatively comfortably.

That was, until November 16th came.

That was the fourteenth time that year I was arrested. The 13 times prior I was released on my own recognizance, but not this time. I had finally pushed the limits as far as the judicial system was concerned, and I ended up doing 9 months in jail for the crimes I committed.

After I was released from jail, I was put on probation, informed I would need a full time job and even if I didnt need one for probation, I needed one anyways because my family had disassociated themselves from me.

Despite having two bachelors degrees from Fordham College, I could not find a job anywhere. I applied and applied and applied, only to be offered a position that would quickly be recinded after the return of my background check.

I couldnt even get a job pumping gas, pushing shopping carts in parking lots.... nothing.

I Am A Full Time, Self Employed Female, I Just Happen to Work in the Sex Industry - That Doesn't Make Me Less Then

Where Im At Now

So in November of 2020, as I mentioned, I was arrested. After being released, I knew it was part of the requirements of my release that I obtained full time employment, so I hit the ground running. I applied everywhere. I could not find a job for the life of me.

One day, an acquaintance happened to bring up OnlyFans, something I hadn't thought about in ages, but after he mentioned it, I could not stop thinking about it, so what did I do? I opened up a new OnlyFans.

That was just the start. See, in the past, I had been doing this for side money and fun. Now, this was my way of paying my rent, buying my food, paying my bills. Everything became much more serious.

Today, I take my job, because yes, what I do is in fact a job, very very seriously. And because of that, I have clients who know when and where to find me, value me for what services I can provide, and compensate me accordingly, as it should be.

If the system had its way, Id be flipping burgers at McDonalds for $12/hr. Today I am my own boss, make nearly six figures, have zero shame in where I am today, what job I have, or what I have been through. And if anything in the world is sexy, its owning who you are.

Aint No Shame in My Game


© 2021 Kathleen Odenthal

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