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The House Packed With Lies

Lazola Pambo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa.

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The House Packed With Lies

Beloved house of Azania. I would like to voice my pain to you not as a righteous prophet or to seek anyone’s appraisal. I kindly share this message with no obligation of being harmful towards you.

Obviously, the evidence of reality speaks for itself. Some of us in this ancient house have become greedy and have forsaken our once victorious ethical morals; which is love, unity and respect.

We have been hoodwinked by a new lie of what equal dignity means. The ongoing long fight that our forefathers fought has been immensely forsaken. Many of us are living in luxury, forgetting to be an asset of luxury to those in need.

Understand me correctly without confusing me. There is nothing wrong with working hard and enjoying your success, but there is something degrading with claiming to walk hand in hand and bailing out the last moment.

Now in these ever uncertain times, we think we have arrived. Our so called leaders, are voted into power and easily forget the same people who voted them in these honorable positions. We have become our own laughing stock.

Of course, nobody enjoys to hear the truth, but how many times must we hide it or sugar coat the crux of the matter in our continent.

Many of us think that to wear a suit is the greatest of achievement. Have we forgotten that it is not the suit that must practice what it preaches but it is man which must unveil his or her actions on the ground?

Take a look at what is going on in our villages. It’s almost like we enjoy looking from afar with our fancy binoculars at the poverty at hand.

One image that haunts me till this day, is school children using public lavatories with no roof or visible walls. How do we sleep at night?

The house of Azania is under ruins. Are you telling me that it is better for school children in the cities to have and those in the rural areas to have not? Are we not talking about the same people here? We are losing the plot dismally.

I believe that it is high time that we disregard this notion of building skyscrapers in the cities as if they will lead us to the pearly gates of heaven. What is even up with this obsession of constant building in the cities?

Many say to me, it is to create more relevant attraction sites and be among the seven-wonders of the world. You must be joking right.

Trust me when I say, there is nothing wrong with progress but there is definitely everything incorrect with building success in one area.

Is the continent of Azania defined as Johannesburg or Nairobi? Certainly in a continent of so much vastness, we cannot observe the pinnacle of growth in the cities alone.

It is a true fact that most people are only in the cities to get ahead with the business of work. In the end of it all, many take the long way back home to the same abandoned villages of our continent. Something is not right here and we have to fix the problem immediately.

In fact, we know what we must do: which is to build constructive buildings and have the same humane services in the rural areas. It does not do us any justice to lounge in our sitting rooms and have a conversation about the matter. Then again I must agree that communication is key.

Fine, let us talk and iron it out but let us also get to work as soon as possible.

My fear is that in twenty or fifty years from now, the house of Azania will continue to be known as a house of no action.

I would like to send my outcry to many elderly leaders in parliament. With all due respect. I understand that you fought in the struggle.

Many of you were imprisoned, many of you were sent to exile and many of you confronted that monster called apartheid. On behalf of many young people and the next generation, I would like to say thank you wholeheartedly, for your great contribution, but I also plead unto you wholeheartedly: can you not be too comfortable with the luxury of being finally free to labor no more.

At some point in time, young people once looked at you with so much admiration but I’m afraid to say that it is not the case today. Young people do not want to vote for you anymore.

On paper, you always say the right things that sound like sweet melodies to the human ear but many of those narratives do not come into existence. How can a pregnant woman be pregnant for the rest of her life?

You are pregnant with wonderful ideas but you do not give birth at the end of it all. Certainly we know, that you have fulfilled your objectives in other areas but why drop the baton when you can still continue?

While you are busy thinking about your next move, I would like to say that many young people are taking it upon themselves to move in the right direction for the sake and human dignity of Azania.

Death is the reality that is knocking on everyone’s door.

Sooner or later, we shall depart but can we at least depart in the rightful manner of bringing change and progress and not smoking fat expensive cigars or embezzling public money in the background.

As I mentioned before, the intention of my plea is not to be cocky or find joy in embarrassing anyone in the house of Azania. I know that there will be those who will hear me and there will be some who will beg to differ.

Nonetheless, the truth is now out in the open whether we like it or not.

The renaissance of Azania must continue: which is those fundamental practices of restoring human dignity and being a tower of hope for many generations to come.

I also understand that many of our leaders in the house are not only agents of the revolution but are Mothers and Fathers, Uncles and Aunts to many families in our continent. Realizing this aspect is of great importance too.

Indeed you love your children and your children love you too. Then is it not wise as a stronghold of your family, to lead by example of being an anchor of a nation that holds the same principles that you practice at home?

Gone are the days when nobody cannot be held accountable. You cannot set up a development agency for young people and then choose to select a certain number of them that benefit in having the big piece of the pie.

I have also noticed in the house of Azania, how many of us are uncomfortable or begin to mumble God knows what when the subject of ‘young people,’ is often brought up.

Many start bickering by saying, “But we were also young at some point. Why do you act as if we were not young and did not go through the same struggles as yourself?”

Well then if that’s the case; my argument is this: if you agree that you were young and you understand what it is to struggle, then surely, you cannot be repeating history by attempting to add more impediments for young people.

How many lies must we hear about dealing with the crisis of unemployment? Year in and year out, it’s almost like we are being wooed into another fairy tale.

Some of us have been hearing this speech from the time when we were teenagers and we continue to hear the very same speech in our adult lives.

I don’t know, whether is it pleasant for our leaders to watch us wasting away into the gallows of poverty?

Of course, we also know that the young must take the stand and not expect hand outs. You are right in that regard but has the house of Azania forgotten easily, that a human is because of other humans.

In these modern times we live in, I have mixed feelings of the many phrases we coin in the split of a second. Ubuntu, is one word that has lost its meaning. How dare we claim to be Africans when we cannot be African to one other?

© 2022 Lazola Pambo

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