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Happy Colour of Yellow and its Inspiration

Sunshine Colour Yellow and it's mood enhancing properties

  • The art above is not depressing but exudes positive emotions and hope
  • Sunshine always warms us after winter and calms our mind.
  • Difficult to get frustrated when the sun is shining overhead.
  • Yellow umbrellas on the beach bring happy memories
  • I love yellow bags and sandals for summer vacations
  • Yellow Daffodils in Spring, who can resist?
  • Sunlight streaming through a window after a cold winter
  • Yellow daisies in an arrangement, on a wooden table or dresser
  • Big yellow sunflowers always create a happy feeling, when I see them growing in a field or against a wall in a garden.

Crisp Freshness of a Lemon


Yellow Rose Of Texas

Wild Tangled Yellow Flowers On the Fence


Keep A Positive Outlook On Life

I know that this is not always as easy as it is made out to be. When one is going through some personal issues or there has been a loss in a family, it is easier said than done.

Also it is much easier to encourage others when you have walked through the fire and not when you are in the middle, of a war zone and the missiles are flying around your head, from all directions.

God promised in His Word never to leave us or forsake those that put their trust and hope in Him. I think that putting all your trust in God in good times is the key! When deep clouds gather and hang heavily overhead one is reminded of this fact that He will never forsake or leave you.

When lean times come you can draw on the positive bank balance of His Word in your heart.
Do not be discouraged, lift your chin and move onward, in your personal quest!

Growing Wild and Free In The Meadow


Never Give Up

Try not to give up when all things seem dim and gloomy. There is always another sunrise waiting to happen.

The darkest hour is before dawn so wait for your sun of new circumstances, to appear, when you least expect it.

Beautiful Roses Taken At Katberg in Eastern Cape, South Africa


Don't Despair

When all hope seems to have vanished into thin air, you can sit quietly and try and think of things that you can be grateful for, such as family and friends.

Homing in too much on the negative side of life, can get you on a downward spiral. If you have real clinical depression, it would be advisable to seek professional help.

Make hay while the sun shines, they say!

Make the most of your summer sunshine for clouds do gather and you could be cooped inside again, like lock-down! Make hay while the sun shines, they say!

Happy and carefree Yellow Butterflies


A Beautiful Poem

  • A Robin in a Field of Dandelions
    On a recent walk the sight of the robin I passed by in a small field along my trail felt comforting and offered a glimpse of simple beauty that surrounds us on these beautiful days in May. I didn't have my phone, but this photo can be imagined with t

Painting A Yellow Rose